Insta Dump: BABIES

I do not have kids. I am not pregnant. But I'm about to move into a 2 bedroom apartment and make the spare room a nursery. Ok, kidding because that is ABSOLUTELY insane. I'll make a room for Lil that looks like a nursery. And when that time comes, my bebe's room will be amazeeee.

ikea bookshelf nursery
This momma is one talented lady. AND how cute is that bookshelf!

primark pineapple comforter
Coolest shop ever.. but the stuff is only available in the UK. WAAAAH

nursery gallery wall
Obsessed with her instagram.
wall decals, unicorn bust and tassel garland nursery
Nat Spencer's nursery. Urban Walls decals.

gallery wall, tassel garland nursery
love the color scheme. well done parlorgirl.
gold and white theme nursery
there is is again. Can't handle the perfection.

mama shirt
I need everything from this store.

diy playhouse
HOW ADORABLE? DIY-able I think, it's just an awesome shop

best kid ever onesie
sold out but Brickyard Buffalo always has great stuff!

fun and cute onesies
they have so many great outfits, for bebes and for adults!

Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

So I told you last week about the caprese bites I make for an easy appetizer. Welp, I have another one for you!

I <3 Goat Cheese. If that was a car magnet, I'd probably buy it. And yes, I did use the <3 to express my love.

Here's what else I love: pepperdew peppers. LUUUURVEE them.

goat cheese stuffed pepperdew peppers

One of my favorite restaurants that Tom and I go to had these as an app and then stop serving them. I was devastated, so I made my own!

What you'll need:
-goat cheese crumbles
-gutted pepperdew peppers (I get mine from the grocery store salad/olive bar)

What to do:
1. Fill those baby peps UP!

I fill the peppers loosely to the top. You can put more or less goat cheese in, whatever your feeling! I find loosely filling them gets the right combination of flavors.

goat cheese stuffed pepperdew peppers

Super Easy Caprese Bites

I love hosting parties. I'm ok at them, I've had some pretty great successes (Tom's 30th bar crawl, girls wine tasting) but I tend to get in over my head.

I want things to look like a pinterest party and then I cry because I'm overwhelmed.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, or in a situation where you last minute have to bring snacks, I got you. Just bring one or both of these SUPERRR easy apps and everyone will rave about them and you'll be super popular. Duh.

caprese bites recipe

Caprese Bites

What you'll need:
-grape (or similar sized) tomatoes
-fresh basil
-mozzarella cheese balls (about 1in sized)

What to do:
1. cut a mozzarella ball in half and put it on the toothpick
2. fold over a basil leaf and put that on the toothpick above the mozzarella ball half
3. cut the tomato in half and put that on the other side of the basil
4. OPTIONAL: If you wanna get fancy, drizzle balsamic over the whole plate when they're all made!

caprese bites recipe

caprese bites recipe

caprese bites recipe

A Prime Photo Storage App

So this one time, I broke my phone. IT'S BEEN A NIGHTMARE.

I had an iPhone 5s and it was gold and beautiful and read my fingerprint and now I have a 4s and I want to die. #firstworldproblems.

I still use my 5s at home when I take pictures because the 4s is horrific at pictures. But I didn't really have a way to send it to my 4s if I wanted it there. Plus then how do I get it on my computer?

Email seems like the obvious option but I didn't like that. So I'm struggling thru life and one day, by accident, I found out that if you have amazon prime, you have amazon photo sharing.


You download the app on any device and then you just open it when you're connected to wifi (after setting it up) and it auto loads you pictures onto the cloud!

And then you can access them from any other device you have the app on!

amazon cloud drive photo


Yup. You know those app updates you haven't been able to get because your phone is SO FULL?! You can delete all your pictures from your phone album and as long as you have them on the app, you NEVER have to worry! They're on the cloud so you can still get them for those #tbt days.

You can also go online and access them from anywhere. You can even share them right to Facebook or thru email or create a direct link to share wherever!

amazon cloud drive photo

I wasn't asked to write a review and I was most certainly not paid to do it. But I think it's awesome and SO easy and SO useful I needed to share!

So happy photo taking!

Social Media Fueled Depression

Are you on Facebook? Of course you are. Because everyone and their mom and their BABY and their DOG are on Facebook.

Everyone complains about seeing baby pictures and statuses about bad breakups and overly ignorant people sharing articles that are FAR too politically/racially/etc charged to be a good idea. I'm right there with you.

Here's the thing tho- it's never going to get better. Really. I'm not being pessimistic it's just the deal with social media. Everyone's got a voice and either you can listen (or read) or you can unfollow, unfriend and block all those people.

I'm on social media a lot. Particularly Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I used to get super depressed about some of the stuff I was seeing though. It's like everyone I went to college with was KILLIN' IT. Like sick jobs, great lives and everyone's so fucking happy.

And then I'm all well I'm not going to post anything because I don't go to conferences in Las Vegas or vacation in Europe for a month at a time or have gorgeous babies in a 9 bedroom house overlooking a picturesque beach or have a quadrillion dollar camera to make my life look better than it is.

How misssssserable?!

Here's what I did: I unfriended, unfollowed, or blocked all the people that made me feel like my life wasn't good enough. Why?

because my life kicks ass.

Not all the time, and sometimes it kicks my ass but it's great. I have a wholeeee ton of shit going on but so do all those people on Facebook. And they shouldn't be making me feel like my life isn't good enough, and they're probably not TRYING to make me feel that way.

So take a second while you're scrolling thru you social media feeds today and think "whatevs, I'm killing it." you're going to feel so much better. And I swear your day becomes more productive.

It Is Time For JORD

I was provided with this product in order to review it. All opinions are my own.

There are certain things that make you feel like an adult.
Some of those things include paying bills and having a 401k.

Another thing would be owning a boss ass watch.

I know you've all pinned those Kate Spade and Michael Kors watches and you're drooling over all of it. Except there are some issues..

Everyone's got one. Will it match everything? IT'S HOW MUCH?! And then I'll have to probably remove links and I'll have to pay for that tooooo. AND WAAAHHH.

Guys. Calm your shit. I got your solution. JORD. Ok so relax if you don't recognize the name because
A photo posted by Adriana (@acosta093) on
YUP. Freaking adorable.

What? It looks like wood? WELL IT FUCKING IS. AND IT'S AWESOME.
A photo posted by Adriana (@acosta093) on

Not your style? HOLD THE EFFING PHONE. There are a billion choices! Ok I'm exaggerating. But there are a bunch and they're so cute.

So here's the deal. I'm kind of obsessed with mine. Like, extra obsessed.
And it's not just because it's boss. (although it totally helps) But they're unique and stylish and fun and easy to wear and match with and people complement me on it all the time and I'm actually able to read analog time now.
A photo posted by Adriana (@acosta093) on
I was looking at watches for a long time and I had a lot of issues. Mostly tho, that I couldn't choose between gold and white ceramic and I couldn't afford either. Then JORD came into my life and I fell in love.

Ok so enough about my watch (kinda) because I may start a collection. I love all of these:

Here's the deal: The watches aren't free.99 but you're an adult. If you're going to get a watch that isn't from Family Dollar you're going to pay more than $13. Plus, if you want a watch that looks phenom and will get you a trazillion (exact number) of compliments, you gotta go with JORD.

They size the watch for you when you order which means it's ready to wear when it arrives! And you'll want to wear it that day and every other day ever. They're watches that are casual for brunching and fun things but they look professional for work.

Also- don't stress about getting it wet. I mean don't go scuba diving or give your dog a bath or anything, but I was really worried about it at first when washing my hands or doing some rinsing off of dishes. It's all good!

I know Father's Day is coming up and they have killer men's watches too! And if you visit their #jordwatch page, you can see how tons of people styled their JORD watches. So go check them out and let me know what you think!

Unique Watches

My Adventures In Beer Drinking

I'm not a beer person. Not that there is anything wrong with people who are, in fact most of my friends are. But I like my wine. I'll take a glass of wine most hours of a day even if it isn't socially acceptable.

Here's the thing, Tom's a beer person. And his best friends are beer people. His best friends are also spread out all over the U.S.

So one of them found out about this app called UNTAPPD.

Tom got the app so he could share his drinking with his friends. Then he made me get it so I could keep track of the different types of beers I liked.

It's actually really cool. And if you're trying to break into the whole craft beer scene but you normally just drink Bud Light Limes, you need it.

You can follow people and "toast" them and comment on their check-ins.

Plus you get badges for getting unique check-ins. So depending on the beers you check-in to and when you do so and where you're checking in, you get these sweet badges!


I talked about needing more of some stuff, but I could also do with less in other areas. Less is more sometimes so I guess it's still more. HA mind b l o w n.

1. Stress
Story of everyone's life right? I've added more and more responsibility to my position at work. It's great and I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying it and my boss is awesome and my coworkers are awesome and I'm stressed out of my mind. How do you destress? Usually it's wine for me. But a lot of times it's lashing out and being short with people (or dogs) that don't deserve it. I need to work on alleviating some of that stress in healthy ways.

2. Shopping
Yea shopping is SUPER fun. But clearly expensive. I'm on poshmark and it's helped curb my shopping additcion but Target and Marshalls WILL be the death of me (my bank account). I need to make more lists and stick to them. Groceries included. I end up getting cookies and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

3. Late Nights
I'm not much of a morning person and I end up staying up late way too often. Usually because Tom puts on some stupid show or movie i.e. National Treasure and I stay up through the whole thing and then it's one in the morning. And then it's seven in the morning and then I have to go to work and then I want to die.  Maybe just less Nicholas Cage?

4. Shit Food
I've been trying to eat better lately. It's mostly working. Not completely. I'm pinteresting the shit out of healthy stuff. And its not bad or hard to do. It's just annoying. Plus Oreos are tasty as hell. I am all about salads and gluten free whatevs but it's hard to stay on top of cooking and all. I'm making excuses. I just need to not suck.

5. Laziness
Mostly with keeping in touch with people. Because I'm horrible at it. But also not sit on my ass all day and night. Besides the whole thing about doing more, I feel like doing "more" seems exhausting but doing less seems easier. So if I need to be less lazy, it seems not as bad as being more active. Wow I am lazy huh?


Yea. I'm still here.
a million points and $5 to Starbucks (not kidding) to the person who can name the movie that's from.

Here are some things I need more of in my life.

1. Blogging
I need it. I'm not good at it. But I do need it. I miss the whole writing for fun thing and you guys are cool. Along with blogging, I need to get to back to reading the blogs I love too. It's time consuming but I missss it.

2. Live Theater
Tom and I went to a show Saturday. It was called ONCE. Have you seen it? Well, have you seen the movie? See it. To be honest the play is better. But see it.

Quick Story: The play had one set, a bar. Before the show we were allowed to go up onto the stage and get drinks at that bar! HOW COOL RIGHT?! So we went up and hung out and had drinks (in sippy cups) and while we're up there drankin our dranks and the cast comes out and starts playing music! Great Irish music and they're singing and it's awesome and the show was awesome and YAY.

3. Date Nights
Living with your significant is hard. The people that say it's easy are liars or saints. It's SUPER difficult. We're working on it. And date nights help. Everyone needs a little bit of romance in their lives and we need a bunch of it. What are your favorite date nights?

4. Overnight Adventures
Kinda like date nights. But funner. We're in Hartford CT which, conveniently is half way between NYC and Boston. And there's a bunch of shit also close. We need a billion dollars for La's kennel fees but it's very doable. I also plan on looking into dog friendly hotels. Although Lao would be a douche about it.

I LOVE CRAFTS. And I have a lot that I want to do. I've thought about making an Etsy shop but I'm lazy. Also sometimes crafts are expensive. And also time consuming.

Ok so it really sounds like I need more time and money.. so anyone wanna help me out in those departments?