Work Party Appropriate One Piece Bathing Suits

I work at a small company and we're all pretty close. And by "we're all" I mean like 6 people.

This Saturday, my boss (who kicks ass) is having a party at her house. There will be a bunch of people there. A bunch of work people.

So here's the thing- she has a pool. Now it's like, I'm not trying to be all teeny-tiny-bikini-ing.

Besides the fact that I should not be wearing that (by "that" I mean a teeny, tiny bikini, not one made of paper but really, either) under any circumstance, it's a work party and it's just awkward. So I decided on my one-piece pineapple suit from J. Crew from a while ago. It's sold out now tho.

Cute right?

So I was thinking about where to find work or family party appropriate suits. I did some digging for you and you're welcome.

coral one shoulder / mesh insert / bright geometric print / black ruffle
galaxy print / mint ruffle / high waist leopard / floral

There are totally options that are work/fam approps without losing all your fun side! I picked ones that we're all easy (mostly) on the wallet. And I've added all of them to my cart on the various websites. Plus I have a Target card, so I get free shipping and 5% off. SHOPPING SPREE.

Lily's BRF

I know yesterday's post was not my usual subject matter or tone. And I don't want to just right back into craziness so I'll give you a silly pup story.

Tom plays baseball in a summer Twilight league. I try to bring Lil to the games when I can/ when I have the energy.

So last year at their home field she got into the habit of playing with rocks. Any rock she could find.

Usually rocks that were about the size of a fun sized candy bar. Which is terrifying because if she swallowed it, we'd all be screwed.

So we went to one field this year that had a enclosed batting cage so I just took Lil in there thinking I could throw her ball and she wouldn't go rock treasure hunting. Well she just wanted to pick up EVERYTHING because it was gravel. Good call on my part right?

While I'm trying to get her to give a fuck about her ball (which is absurd because that's ALL she cares about at home) she started really digging at a rock. I'm thinking I'll dig it out and throw it so she can't play with it. But then I go over and it's like a goddamn iceberg.

I dig around it and pull it out and Lil is ELATED. It's like best day ever! She had found her BRF. Best Rock Forever.

And now, like an asshole, I have to bring this damn rock to every baseball game. People are all like "oh is that her ... ball...?" And I'm all "no it's a fucking rock because my dog is mental."

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She doesn't want to play with it at home. Not that we'd let her. But as soon as we get to a game she mauls my bag until I give it to her. And then she rolls around and pushes it around and drags me across the damn bleachers.

She acts like the damn things alive and she MUST DESTROY IT.

She's a nut job. I guess she fits in.


I'm usually pretty easy going and lighthearted on here, but I'm going to be serious for a minute.

This weekend was one of the toughest weekends in a very long time. On Saturday we had to put my grandmother's dog to sleep.

I grew up in the house next door to my grandmother's and my parents still live in that house. My dad isn't the "pet owner" type but my grandmother had dogs through my entire life, and before that too.

Oscar was an incredible dog. He definitely liked his people, and I was lucky enough to be one of those people.

He had prostrate cancer. We found out on Wednesday that it was a terminal diagnosis. We found out Friday that he would have to be put down Saturday. It doesn't leave a lot of time to digest that kind of news.

It's weird, you know? Death is so permanent. It's the most permanent thing I can think of. I can barely comprehend it.

And Lily. Lily is the biggest pain in the ass there is. She makes our lives very difficult. But when we think about not having her around, it's such a terrible thought that it was hard to type it.

Oscar always let Lil play with his red ball. It became her favorite.
He's busy playing with his best friend, my uncle.

It's not something that's fair or easy. It's not even something that makes sense.

If you've been in a similar situation you know how impossible it feels.

It's not like I think about it all the time. I have distractions. I don't live next door to my grandmother anymore.

But driving to her house and driving up that driveway and not seeing that muppet face in the window, and not having him run out to meet me? It was too much. It's still too much.

Thinking about the fact that I won't ever see him again is what gets me. How can I love him that much and not be able to see him again? It still doesn't feel real. I think, because it doesn't feel right.

I disabled comments on this post because I honestly don't think I can have a conversation about it. I guess I needed to just get it out on paper. Well, virtually at least.

It's on here because it's real. And maybe that will help me accept that it's real.

It's outrageous how much you love things sometimes isn't it? But the world needs that kind of love. And I'm a better, happier person for getting to love a pup as incredible as our Oscar. And to have him love me back.

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Insta Dump: Home Sweet Home

I have a Home Day Dreams board on pinterest and these are all going straight there. I mean sure the kitten pillow and rocking unicorn aren't exactly mature, but (let's be honest) AMAZING.

this girls blog and her instagram are dreamy

Cutest collection ever. Thank you Emily & Meritt and PB Teen

so cute. and her instagram is full of DIY ideas

there used to be a blog but I think she's just 'gramming now

love this girl's style! check out her blog and instagram 

changed her instagram name. full of DIY projects

Great sitegreat gram

I love photographer instagram accounts

Cute shop, AMAZING insta.

10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have By 30

In October, Tom turned 30. Weird right? I mean I guess it's not that weird but 30 seemed so old like 4 years ago and now it's like it is coming any day!

Well I'm 26 so I got 4 years left.

WhoWhatWear wrote this article a billion years ago and I had this floating in my drafts and figured why naht? You can learn a little bit about me and also kill time that you would otherwise have spent working

1. A Trench Coat
I have a purple one that I got at Marshalls. It's amazing. It's a tiny bit too big tho and I never wear it. Great buy, I know. I don't think that's the kind of 30 year old maturity that article was about. P.S. that coat is now on poshmark..

2. A Respectable Luggage Set
Yea, I don't have that. I'm assuming I'll get one eventually. Maybe when I actual travel anywhere, ever. I'm not that worried about this tho, I have more important stuff to pay for. i.e. rent and dog food.

3. A Made-By-You Vintage T-Shirt
Completely random. Why should everyone have that? I mean I have one. I got it my freshman year in high school for my field hockey team. It's a long sleeve tee (which I really love) and I've worn it thin. It's got holes and paint on it but it's wonderful and comfy.

4. A Gift To Yourself
Mikimoto pearl earrings. I had to. They're my fav and I wear them everyday. Also I just bought myself a ring so I'm set for a while. I also buy clothes I don't need all the time. I don't really understand this one.

5. A Signature Accessory
LIKE DOG HAIR FOR EXAMPLE?! My pearl earrings. I don't know how signature that is, more like my go-to accessory.

6. A Go-To Interview Blazer
Well I didn't realize there was a specific genre of blazers. But I'm not interviewing. Unless the instagram account manager for Kate Spade is an open position. And a dress would be more appropriate for that interview.

7. Solitaire Diamond Earrings
Yea that'd be great. I'm pretty sure I don't need these.. I mean, Tom if you're reading, then I do need them.

8. A Sexy Set Of Lingerie
Tom's family reads this so.. I don't believe in sex until marriage.

9. A Designer Wallet
Well I do have a wallet. I actually have multiple wallets. I feel like this should say credit card. Or possibly a bank account?

10. A Lipstick Shade That Suits You
This is just never gonna happen. I actually bought 2 wet n wild (yes, that brand still exists, and not just for preteens) and they were 99 cents each. I'm still failing at it tho. (damn you Tay and your "red lip classic" thing) I'm gonna stick with Burt.

Ok so here's the moral of this story: IGNORE THIS LIST. You can have whatever you want by 30. I mean if you're happy, or at least trying to be happy then you're killin' it. Haters gonna hate.