Venus' Guide To Bridesmaiding, A Guest Post

I'm going to be at L's (Tom's sister) bachelorette party all weekend and I'm leaving you with a guest post from one of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. She's also an incredible designer and you should probably go check that out too. I took notes and will be sure to keep all of these things in mind while trying to be the best bridesmaid I can be. If you're obsessed with Sarah after this post, don't be alarmed. It's a natural reaction.

While Adriana is hopefully in crazy, balls-to-the-wall party girl mode for her friend's bachelorette party, today you're stuck with me, Sarah, from Venus Trapped in Mars! Seeing as I've attended many-a-wedding, I'm here to bring Adriana (and you!) some tips for being the perfect bridesmaid or wedding guest! 

Spend the entire time on your cellphone.
 This really lets the other wedding guests know that you are a big shot. And after all, the Bride is lucky to have you take time out of YOUR day to come to her wedding. 
This is an old picture. No I'm not living in 2013 using a razor phone. So shush.
Be sure to spill your drink all over yourself. 
This let's the bride and groom know that the drinks they are serving are SO GOOD that you wanted to take some home with you to enjoy for later! 

Hide Your Face
Hello. It is the bride's day, NOT YOURS. Hide your face anytime the photographer comes near you by flashing a peace sign or just shoving your hands in the camera. All the celebrities are doing it. This will allow the bride and groom to shine. She will thank you for only being able to see your hands.

Just Dance Like You're in the Club
The bride will want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and like yourself. Forget dancing cheek to cheek, romantically, dance cheek to cheek, club-like. With your butt. You will be far more in your natural element bumping and grinding hardcore. Do what comes naturally to you. Do it for the bride. 

Get on the Microphone As Often As Possible
This shows the bride and groom how much you love them. Bring something with you to say, make inappropriate jokes or just wing it and say what's on your mind. And by all means, be honest. If you hate something, let everyone know. Honesty is always the best policy. 

If You Are Tired, Go To Sleep
No one likes a party pooper. So if you are tired, don't stay awake complaining, bitching and moaning. Just go to bed right where you are, no one needs to deal with a crabby appleton.

Venus Trapped

Memorial Day Shenans

Hope you guys all linked up with us yesterday! It's still going so you have time! Since yesterday was the link up I'm updating you on my weekend a bit late. I'm also guest posting on for Charissa from The Smashbook! Check me outttttt

My weekend was super fun and since it was Tom and my 2 year anniversary on Monday and we took Tuesday off so it was a very extended weekend. And here it is-mostly thru pictures. 

Friday we drove down to the cottage after work. I was basically jumping out of my seat the whole car ride. I love it down there! We of course stopped at the liquor store and found adult juice boxes which were very necessary. 

Then we continued to the cottage. It was quite a chilly day but we had to take a walk down to the beach.

This is what the beach looks like. After Hurricane Sandy hit there was a lot of sand deposited in the boat basin. Now they're removing it and drying out so they can get it off the beach completely. It's called shit kicking dredging. It will be that way for L's bachelorette party down at the cottage next weekend but after a bottle glass or 2 of vodka wine we probably won't worry too much about "rules." 

Saturday Tom headed out early to go to J's bachelor party which consisted of paintball, BBQ, casino and booze. Tom's mom, L and I went shopping. Duh. 
It was national wine day so I clearly bought wine glasses. Two at Pier 1, and one at HomeGoods. They were all under $5 each! And I got a great new maxi dress that I'm pumped about. (Is everyone else as obsessed with maxi dresses as I am?) Also, I found a $3 pair of sunnies that matched my nail polish. (Essie- play date)
It was freezing that night and Tom was bro-ing out at the casino so I bundled up a LOT and sent him a picture of me under the covers and he sent me a picture of him drinking. 

Adorable right?
Sunday Tom and his two cousins came back to the cottage after the festivities a little worse for the wear but in one piece. 

It was also Tom's cousin's 1 year wedding anniversary. They got married close to the town the cottage was in so they came back to the scene of the wedding to celebrate. That means we got to help them celebrate! They and a few other members of the fam came down and spent some time at the cottage. That was awesome. 
On their wedding day. 
When they went off to do anniversary things. Tom's mom, L and I went grocery shopping and clearly had to stop for ice cream on the way home. 
Cookies and cream with brownie bites YO

Then we had an incredible happy hour with about 30lbs of homemade guac and lots of wine.
See my wine glass? GAH. Love it.
Monday was our actual anniversary but we hung out with fam for the day. We went for a few walks around the neighborhood and then went to a delicious din with Tom's parents. We looked cute. 

Tuesday Tom's parents left for home and we spent the day wine-ing an being in love. 

Also I'm drunk now and writing the rest of this post via the Blogger app so just bear the fuck with me. Also. Tom just asked how drunk I was so that means I'm prob hammered. 

ANYWAY. We went to Stonington Vineyard first. The woman there was creepy as shit and had a shirt the same color as the shirt I had on and I didn't like it. 

After that we went to Chamard Vineyard. 
That was WODERFUL.

Then I was drunk. 

Then we decided to have some of the cheese ball that Tom's mom sent home with us. It was a disaster.
It's fine. Then we went to Gouviea Vineyard which is where Tom first told me he loved me (AWOMGADORABLE!SOCUTERIGHT?) and I harassed the person working there with 872820 questions. Then I got more drunk. 
Wine. Wine. Pallet Cleanser.
And now were back to real time and we're on our way back home to pick up Lil from the kennel and we're blaring the Wrecking Ball album by Bruce Springsteen. If you don't know it I hate you. Ok no but you have to listen to it. It's incredible. Also since his nickname is The Boss you have no choice. 

Now we have Lil. About a million dollars and a happy seizure later. 

We then got take out Thai from our fav place (people in the Hartford area- it's Hot Basil on New Park in West Hartford. YOU HAVE TO GO) and watched The Dictator while Lil was passed out on our bed.

It was a really fun weekend, and a great way to spend an anniversary! Get ready for tomorrow when Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars guest posts while I'm off helping the dear ERW: MOH Extrodinare host L's bachelorette bash!!

Also if you haven't linked up with us for Behind Closed Doors, there is still time!!! Go here and link up your posts!

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Behind Closed Doors Link Up!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed Kristyn and Brooke's guest posts and your welcome for introducing them to you. I will be filling you in on my weekend tomorrow but todayyyyyy we have a LINK UPPPP!

The truth comes out when you are no longer putting your best foot forward. Some say it's getting too comfortable, some say it's letting yourself go. What things do you or your significant other do behind closed doors now that you have reached that next stage? Don't let living solo stop you from sharing. Spill the dirt on an ex or yourself!

I moved in with Tom unofficially the day he brought Lil home. January 17th 2012. He brought The Ting home and I came with her and never left. We officially co-signed the lease to stay at the same apartment in December 2012 and we're still going strong. 

The day Lil was brought home. Things were a bit cluttered.

We knew each other pretty well but since that day Lil joined our lives I've seen, heard and observed things that I didn't really expect. I love Tom so very much and I wouldn't trade him for anyone but he's a kook sometimes for sure. For example..

He floods the bathroom. Like on a far too regular basis. Like E V E R Y D A Y. Here's how it must go- He showers, then steps out of the tub before drying off AT ALL. Then he shakes off the water like Lil does after coming in from the rain. Then the pours water on the bathroom floor and tap dances. 

I come in after his shower and there is about an inch of water on the floor. The bathmats are soaked. If there is dirty laundry, it's clean and ready for the dryer. I don't know how he does it. And it doesn't end with showers. When he washes his hands or brushes his teeth, the ENTIRE COUNTER IS SOAKED. I'm convinced he just splashes water all over the place like a goddamn kitten playing in a puddle. I go in and everything within a foot of the sink is dripping. 

Granted, I have a lot of shit on the counter that should be put away but it's like REALLLLLY? And yes we have 2 hand soaps. Ones empty. Go ahead and judge. 

I realize this could be a relatively common one, but Tom talks in his sleep. It's always a surprise as far as what he'll say. Sometimes he has a coherent (albeit ridiculous) conversation with me. Sometimes he has an outburst that includes an incredibly outrageous phrase. Usually it's when he's suppppper tired and I'm talking to him and he's trying his hardest to stay awake for me. He says a lot of fantastic things but by the morning I usually forget so here are the top 3 we can remember. 

Full disclosure- I do instigate. When he says something and I realize he's sleep talking, I'll egg him on with questions and conversation. I can't help it.

"You do a real great job babysitting the cats. Do you walk them?"

"You're very rude to my client Anakin Skywalker. You were mean in a Lego sort of way."

"I'll call my mom around lunchtime."

Luckily I don't have any real issues. He doesn't clip his toenails in bed or keep all his old band aids in a jar or something. Also both of those things are fucking gross and horrible and I hope no one does those. 

There isn't much he could do that would be a deal breaker and the sleep talking is entertaining so that only half counts anyway. 

So grab a button, link up, spill your guts and laugh at other people's situations!

Dog Hair Is An Accessory

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From A Non-Dog Owner: A Brookey Guest Post

If ya'll are just checking in from the weekend, I'm off being in love and drinking a lot of wine I'll be back tomorrow but for now, I leave you in the capable and hilarious hands (she's hilarious.. not her hands..) of BROOKE!! I know you'll love her as much as I do.

She loves thumbs up. Reason 23789 I love her.

Hello, my favorite new people!

The name's Brooke and I blog over at Babbling Brookelyn, where I mostly babble about random crap - including music, fitness, food and my life in Portland. Can we talk about how excited I am to be taking over the blog, while Adriana is off playing!? 

Speaking of playing.... I really, really, realllllllly want a puppy to play with.  We all know Adriana has a mutt of a puppy that is both lovable and an asshole a handful all wrapped into one, big ass puppy. Her posts about Lily just fuel my desire to have one of my own.  Sadly, the apartment complex I currently live in does not allow dogs. How Rude! (Said in my best Michelle Tanner) 

So for the moment, I have this puppy instead: 

Meet, Rufus (no, not the dad from Gossip Girl).  He sits on my bookshelf at home. 

Since I can't get a puppy right now, I talk about them alllll.the.time. I just want one so badly. Even though a lot of people tell me to not get one. I mean I get it, they are a lot of work. They are expensive. They need a lot of attention. You can’t leave your house for more than a few hours at a time or they will pee all over everything you own. And don’t even think about taking a vacation once you get a puppy. They may even be  worse than as much work as having a child....almost. Not that I know what that's like.  They don't let me have a child. I am not mature enough for that kind of responsibility yet. 

So, instead of having a real puppy, I am forced to look at pictures of cute ones on pinterest all day. My life is so hard, feel bad for me.

And it has made me realize that there are a ton of reasons to get a puppy. I figured I could share 10 of them with you guys...

::10. Dogs make you get off your fat ass and exercise you them.

::9. You will always have someone who loves you. 
Who needs a man, when you have a puppy?! See ya, boyfriend.

::8. Dogs are great listeners. 
Sure, they can’t talk back, but they understand what you’re going through and they will be that sounding board you need.

::7. You have always have someone to shame and blame
It was obviously the dog that farted.

::6. They make great pillows.

::5. They will protect your home. 
Have you ever seen a cat guard a house?! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Cats are over here doing stupid crap like this: 

::4. You can dress them up! 

::3. They make great cuddlers.

::2. You can teach them tricks.
And not just sit and stay.

::1. I mean, look at this face!!! 
How could you not want a dog?!

This is my dream puppy. I LOVE BOXERS!

And one final note: 

I repeat, cats are useless. 


<3 BB

She's awesome right? Although she clearly has convinced every one of you to go get a dog. If I didn't have Lil the psychopath, I'd go out to the pound right now. But if you aren't gonna get a pup you may as well go visit her at Babbling Brookelyn and follow her on twitterinstagram and bloglovin!

And dont forget to link up with Carly, Kate and I tomorrow for for Behind Closed Doors! Were we're sharing all the outrageous stuff you can only learn about someone when that comfort level goes from comfort to "realllllly? Come on!"

Dog Hair Is An Accessory

Memorial Day Guest: Meet Kristyn

HEY. It’s Memorial Day and if you didn't hear, I’m at Tom’s family cottage sans internets and cable, sippin’ wine, reading books, and chillin' on the beach. Jealous? It’s ok because one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met is guest posting! Kristyn from Chits & Giggles is helping a sista out while I’m relaxing my ass off. She’s been incredible while I’m getting my bloggy bearings and is always ready to offer advice. (She got me over my PicMonkey fears!) Show her some love!

1.    Introduce yourself a bit!
Hi guys!  I am Kristyn and I blog over at Chits and Giggles.  I started blogging over a year ago but didn't get real serious with it until September/October.  I am currently on Weight Watchers.  You can check my weight progress here if you are interested.  I am also planning a wedding.  I have blogged about my 2 potential dresses I will wear, our location, unity ideas, our photographer and videographer we picked, and much more.  I'm sorry but weddings are on my brain lately.  Actually, I'm not sorry.  I am enjoying being engaged and I hope you all do too!

Not into weddings?  That's ok!  I also blog about some great Weight Watcher recipes.  Here are a few of my favorites so far.  Baked Ziti with Turkey Sausage, Penne with Peppers and Sausage, and Seasoned Pork Tenderloin.  Not a meat eater?  That is ok too.  I have posted many recipes that are vegan.  Gasp!  I know!  The Feeling Good Stew from Oh She Glows is fantastic.  As is the Chana Palak Masala from Happy Heribivore.

2.    How did you come up with and decide on the name of your blog?
My first blog name was boring.  I actually used Google to come up with my first name.  Then I got tired of it, because it was really long.  It didn't really fit with who I was or how my blog was growing, so I changed it.  I remember this night so vividly.  We were getting into bed (yes we live together and no we aren't married yet!) and I ask Jeremy, " I need ideas for a new blog name."  And he starts spitting out random things.  He came up with Chits and Giggles and has requested any royalties from the blog.  HA! 

I actually hated the name in the beginning.  I thought it was dumb.  But then I started thinking about it and I loved the idea of it.  Yes, it's a play on words (obviously), but the Chits part is also like Chitchat which is what us ladies love to do!  So, thanks Jeremy!!

3.    Do you have pets? Let’s meet ‘em! If you don’t what would your ideal pet be?
Yes!  Thanks for this question.  We have a fluff muffin of a kitty.  He is so cute!  I have had him since I moved back to Atlanta to start work, so he is about 6 years old.  I had an apartment by myself and I was incredibly lonely, so I hoped over to PetSmart and picked up Bubbaloo.  Yes, that is the name he responds to.  His real name is Thomas, but he doesn't respond to why use it?  Jeremy hacked my blog once and talked about the animal on there.  You need to check it's pretty classic.

4.    What would your theme song be?
Oh man...I have no idea.  I'll say "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons.  I'm not really into Christian music but I LOVE this song so much for some reason.  And I love Mumford in general.

5.    What app on your phone do you use most? What do you think that says about you?, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Scramble with Friends.  What does this say about me?  What kind of a question is that?  Ok...hmm....I think it says that I am awesome and stay on top of social media!?

6.    What “Most Likely To…” superlative would you get?
Gain a lot of weight and then blog about her weight loss journey.  You ask hard questions!!

7.     Dog Hair is clearly my go-to accessory. What’s your favorite way to accessorize?
Ha...I am going to say cat hair.  Bubs sheds SO MUCH because he is so incredibly there is always hair attached to you no matter how hard you try to get it off.  I have accepted this fact.  I also love necklaces.  I don't have a favorite or go-to one.  Just anything.

8.    What movie have you seen more times than any other? What’s your favorite quote from it?
Oh geez.  I hate to admit this, but I have seen Titanic more times than any other movie.  I was an impressionable 8th grader when that came out so I think I saw it in the theatre like 6 times or something redonkulous. 

There are too many good movies...don't make me choose...I don't know! ...copout answer thank you very much.

9.    Fill in the blank: I just can’t leave Target without getting _____!
Clothes/shoes/makeup/boxed wine (I'm classy!)/ um...anything.  I shouldn't be allowed in a Target.  I never just leave with what I am supposed to.  I always have more stuff in my cart than I should.

10.You're getting married soon, yayy!! What was one thing that really surprised you about your fiance Jeremy?
Oh dear...he would hate I admit this but I was surprised how much he loves sports.  True story.  I knew he loved sports, but I had no idea that SportsCenter would be the show that was on in the morning and at nighttime.  I am so thankful that I learned this before we got married.  I might have killed him.  But I have now accepted it and it isn't so bad now.  Did you know that there are only 2 days the whole year that no sporting event is played?  Yep...I do!

I'm dying over her bling. Plus anyone who has seen Titanic a billion times is a-ok in my book. And now you know Kristyn better than you did 10 minutes ago! Hope you enjoyed her mini take over! Go visit and follow her!!

See Ya Nevaaaa

Ok well not “nevaaaa” but I will be M.I.A. for a bit. I’m going to Tom’s family’s cottage (aka my favorite place on earth) with his parents and sister, L for the weekend!! I’ll be there today after work thru Tuesday night!

It’s Memorial Day weekend so it’s gonna be a bit busy down there but I’m sooo excited because it’s like visiting a different state of mind. I get to beach it, shop, eat and sip wine the whole time in the company of people I love and that’s a perfect weekend for me.

and wine.

If your weekend is more party than nap time, I guest posted over at my favorite girl Sara's blog on a bunch of SUPER fun drinking games! Go check it out. I promise they aren't all ones you've played. (if they are then my bad. But it's unlikely you've played all of them)

I finished packing and, surprise surprise, I'm a bit heavy on clothes, shoes and accessories (aka everything) even tho I tried to follow my own guidelines! Whatev, there is a lot going on! I need options!

Tom is heading out Saturday for J’s bachelor party but he'll be back on Sunday (hopefully he's alive) Plus Monday is our 2 year anniversary! Crazy since it feels like we’ve been together forever.. in a good way. I don’t know what the plans are but we took Tuesday off so we can really celebrate (aka vineyard hop and be in love)

SINCE I’ll be away Monday and Tuesday, I have two amazing bloggers guest posting! Kristyn from Chits & Giggles will be taking over on Monday with a get-to-know-her interview post and Brooke from Babbling Brookelyn will be your host on Tuesday where she talks about puppies!!

I’m so excited to have those girls guest posting while I’m off in lala beach wine love land. Show them some love!!
in love at the vineyards last year

I’ll be on and off social media over the weekend (probably on just long enough to make you jealous) and I’ll share my weekend activities on Wednesday! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! And since it's Friday, and I'm OBV linked up with Whitney, I’ll leave you with this gem.

It’s Memorial Day and Tom and his dad are big Springsteen fans so this will be played pretty much all weekend

Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen on Grooveshark
Born in the USA