I Don't Want To Live With A Boy

Now hold on, Tom's amazing, so don't go all "whaaaa? You don't wanna live with Tom!?" But I'd like to have my own apartment. I guess Lil could come too. Well really, ideally, I'd love with Tom and Lil but all the decorating would be up to me. Also if I could have unlimited funds to do so? Even better. It's not even the stinky socks or the toilet seat up or anything. To be honest, I think my socks are stinkier. I just need more glitter in my life. Let's be real- you can never have too much.

I've been waiting and waiting for a new apartment to decorate and I want everything pretty and gold and sparkly and girly. We got a new apartment, and I didn't get my glitter. Tom's not having it.

These are the inspirations I'd like to come to life in my our apartment. Likelihood of this becoming a reality? 0%

IKEA Vittsjo spray painted gold--beautiful!
Gracefully Searching: Around the House
suspended shelf
SS Print Shop's Stephanie Sterjovski at Home #theeverygirl
source- basically Stephanie's entire room.
So you see what I mean? I know what I want. I mean not that I can afford it all but still. A lot of DIY and gold spray paint and glitter and mod poge and I'd get REALLY close! But none of this is Tom's style and he's not the kind of guy to say, "ok honey, do what you want with the place." When we get a house, I will have my own little space (an office or an extra bedroom as my walk in closet) and I will glitter and gold the shit out of it. And I'll have things like sparkly unicorns and gold foil prints from shops and sequins everywhere and Tom won't say a word.

Until then, I guess I'll just be happy living here with Tom and La and a serious lack of glitter. I guess that's not horrible. And I'll just keep on pinning gorgeous things.


  1. My whole basement is Superhero decorations & KISS... enough said...

  2. Ahhh I love all of these!! Gold and sparkle are my two favorite colors! I've been in an apartment for a year now and have YET to decorate pretty much at all. I really need to get more on top of things. But like you said, living with a boy kind of puts a damper on those kinds of things. Maybe if we just slowly start adding gold/glitter things a little at a time they'll never notice.