Rainbow Favorites Of Summer

I've been really busy at work and somehow every weekend FLIES by. Somehow in the summer the days get longer but weekends get shorter! But here's another rainbow for you!

I haven't gotten to the beach yet. Well not reallllly. I've been to the beach but haven't done the whole beach thing. You know, the sunscreen, sleep in the sun, headphones in, beach hair kind of day. I haven't even put on a bathing suit this season (which I may or may not be avoiding..)

So to make me feel better and to make you feel better about the fact that it's not the weekend yet, I put together some of the things I'm craving this summer season!

When I started putting these together I also realized that I've made a rainbow out of the items and then I got SUPER pumped about that!

Sorry if you're now completely busy shopping. Whatevs, It's almost Friday!


  1. Basically I love it all. I want a beach day, and those sunnies.

    Here's to hoping we both get a day on the sand soon.