Snickers Frapp at Starbucks

I’m not a caffeine addict and I don’t particularly like coffee but I do LOVE Snickers. I know that doesn’t seem to be a linear line of thought but it TOTALLY is.

I’m well aware that there are a lot of people that are serious starbaholics. I just made that up. It honestly doesn't sound as cool as I wanted it to but it works because I like abbreviating things and I also like combining words. Anyway a lot of people are completely obsessed with Starbucks. Tom included. That’s where we had one of our first friend dates. (we met at work so it was one of our first out of work meeting spots) I had literally never gotten anything except a hot chocolate (which was HORRIBLE in comparison to DD’s) and a Passion Tea Lemonade (and that shit is awesome). Because of my inexperience I have no clue what to order and my opinion of the establishment is up in the air already. It’s kind of an intimidating procedure, there are a lot of words that aren’t “coffee.” So Tom suggests a Caramel Macchiato. Sounds super fancy. I get it and it was super delish! But I’m typically a fan of cold drinks. Next time I tried the Java Chip Frappuccino. Awesome. So now I'm starting to go there even if I'm not with Tom.

Here’s where the Snickers comes in. I’m perusing Pinterest and I see that Starbucks has a secret menu PERFECT! I love sharing secrets. So I look down the menu and I see a Snickers Frapp. At that point I pretty much die. ARE YOU KIDDING?! Why is that so secret?! Someone needs to share it with the world!! (granted, someone already has because they put it on Pinterest. Just lemme have it.) The next time I’m out with one of my girlfriends I’m like HOLD IT. WE NEED TO GO TO STARBUCKS IMMEDIATELY. And she knows me well enough that her response is “Obviously. Let’s go.” So we go and I order a Snickers Frapp. First roadblock- they have no idea what I’m talking about. Super upsetting cuz I was excited that I was in on the secret but apparently the employees weren't. So I explain what goes into one and they do it and I’m practically punching strangers, I’m so excited.

So they call out my order and I’m like “AHHH! THIS IS IT!” and I have a sip and IT’S TOTALLY A SNICKERS BAR IN DRINK FORM! BDE. Aka Best Day Ever. (I think I’ve used that before.) Now I get it ALL THE TIME. Also, if you can’t tell, I’m super pumped about the whole situation. Also it’s probably about 793274 calories.

This is what you ask for if they don’t know the secret drink formula:
Java Chip Frappuccino (whatever size. I usually go grande)
2 pumps of toffee
Caramel and chocolate drizzle
They automatically put whipped cream on it. Or sometimes they ask.
(I ask for no whipped cream but it’s actually better with it. I just decided at some point that I hate all whipped cream and refuse to eat it.. for no particular reason)

- A

p.s. here is the link plus below are more secrets! 


  1. yay thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loving this secret Starbucks menu! I will have to try one of these ASAP. I am definitely a starbaholics (love this word)!

    Yay another New Englander blogger :) I am all about New England... well I kinda am more of a wannabee.. Orginally from NJ, went to UNH or college, fell in love with a boy from Maine... and now moving to Boston to start grad school at BU!

    following you now & excited to get to know you!


    1. Thanks for coming to check things out! I've been a New Englander all my life and I love it! Boston is my favorite city, I visit so often and went to school close enough to take the train.

      BU is great! I read you're moving next month, hope it's a seemless trasition :)

  2. Oh dear, I might have to make a special trip to Starbucks. Surely here they'll be clueless, too. I may have been better off not reading this post. I'm not a Starbaholic, but I will venture in every now and then.
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. I had pinned it on pinterest so long ago I waited so long for just that reason! I popped over to your blog and now I'm following along via bloglovin! Hope you come check back soon!

  3. I've had the Cap'n Crunch one before and when I went in there the barista was like "I literally just learned that one yesterday." It was FANTAZBALLS! Kinda like Amazeballs, but better!

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