Spring Shopping Haul

When I decided I was gonna start blogging again, I told myself I was gonna do something different than I was doing with my last blog (easypeasyglam.blogspot.com). That was all about fashion and shoes and me buying a bunch of shit. Here’s the thing tho- I love fashion and shoes and buying shit. So EVEN THO I said I would do something different it doesn’t mean I can't ALSO do some fashion stuff.

I want this to be a blog that is gender neutral. Well mm, that sounds a bit awkward. All gender friendly? NON GENDER SPECIFIC. Ok that works. I wanted this to be a non-gender specific blog. A lot of the blogs I follow (and lovvve) are very focused on females and girly things. And I have just decided that a soon-to-come post will be about why boys should read this too. And I don’t mean just my guy friends who use it to make fun of me. (CHIM- that’s for you)

This post will be one of those ones that boys will hate if it even shows up on their facebook newsfeed. Whatev. Y’all can suck it.

HERE’S SOME SHIT I BOUGHT! I’m TOTALLY (and probably unhealthily) obsessed with most of it. I included links to where you can find things but a bunch of stuff is from Marshalls and that place is amazing but dumb for not having a shopable website.

These are my Easter shoes. 1. Because their style is called Bunny and 2. Because DUH. I have seen these heels SO many times on Hautelook or Rue La La and wanted to get them but I’ve only ever seen them in red or black suede and, unsurprisingly, I have an awesome pair of red suede pumps and a pair of black suede pumps that have a bow on the heel. But I was looking up heels for a coworker to wear with a dress and found these and clearly my priorities shifted. I bought them immediately. I LOVE THEM. Follow me on instagram (ac_glam). You’ll see Easter pics, don’t you worry.
Find them here

For real, these are amazing. They are SO comfortable and sooo fucking gorgeous! I can honestly barely handle it. In fact, as soon as I got them home I sent a picture to Tom’s cousin (she’s quite the fan of lace) and it was instalove for her as well. They were on sale at the DSW I was at but apparently they aren’t on sale online. Sorry about it.

Will I wear them? Who cares? They’re glittery. Honestly I have NO where to wear something like this but whatev, they were $7. And you don’t NOT get a pair of sparkly shoes when they’re $7. Also.. just remembered I did the same thing with a pair of pink and gold heels last year.. yet to wear them. That just means SO MANY PARTIES (and by parties I mean show up to my friends houses all dressed up for no reason)

Find them here

I’m trying to work statement necklaces into my life but it’s really hard. I loved this because it’s purple, and the right size. I can only find ones that are bigger than my body or ones that are super awkward looking with shit in all the wrong places. I do own a bubble necklace but I wore it once and can’t figure out what to wear it with so now it’s in the “shit I never wear, don’t bother untangling it” jewelry drawer.

Find it here

I got that minty color but it’s soo cute in every color. Also since the lace is so tight/thick/however you wanna describe it, as long as you wear nude colored underthings it isn't noticeably see thru. The fact it's long sleeves doesn't matter since you can catch a breeze and it's not at all skanky!

Find it here

These I'm super excited about. Each under $20! Can't wait to wear these. They're all from Marshalls and I'm planning on wearing one for L and J's Jack and Jill and one for the rehearsal dinner. The white one I just fell in love with. Again, they'll all be on instagram.. because I'm obsessed with it.

Happy Humpday!

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