"Dogs Are Basically Bitchy Socialites" Says Erin

GUYS I'M SO PUMPED. I have a guest post for you that I'm obsessed with. Really tho. I'm also obsessed with the guest herself. I asked Erin to guest post for me because I will be doing pre wedding tings for L&J's wedding (rehearsal, dropping Lil at the kennel, etc.) and she could not have made me happier.

Hey you guys, I'm Erin and I blog over at The Party Girl's Guide. To be honest I have had a pretty big girl crush on Adriana ever since I saw the name of her blog. Anyone as obsessed with dogs as I am gets mega points in my book. When I started reading and realized she also swears like a sailor and loves wine, I knew we were a match made in heaven.

So you can imagine how excited I am to be guest posting for her today. I could go on and on about all the reasons I love Dog Hair is an Accessory, but you guys already know why it's fabulous, so instead I decided was going to do a fashion post to honor Adriana's former blog. Then I remembered I rarely even brush my hair so I had to scrap that idea.  In the end I decided to write about dogs because, well I am a crazy dog lady.

Ten Ways Dogs are just like Bitchy Socialites 
(this applies to male dogs too, not just the real bitches)

1.) When they get mad they get even

Fred (my dog) recently got pissed about something or another and decided to ruin my $400 RayBan glasses. Not sunglasses mind you, like the ones I need to see. It was pretty awesome. Almost all dogs decide to ruin something or pee on your floor from time to time. Just like an irate socialite will key your car, burn your house down, or write mean songs about you (I'm talking about you Taylor Swift).

2.) They need their beauty rest.

Both dogs and rich girls love them some sleep. Don't even try to wake Fred up before he is good and ready, he will growl at you. I used to watch Laguna Beach, those girls were the same way.

3.) The expect to be catered to.

Fred and Lil have lives like the friggen Kardashians. They have hairstylists, manicurists, chefs, and maids. It must be nice dogs, it must be nice.

4.) They eat their feelings.

Some days Fred just wants to eat everything in sight. Just like girls seem to go right to the ice cream when they get dumped.

5.) The are emotional.

Fred flips shit if he gets yelled at and does everything but write F-you on his knuckles when he gets in trouble.

6.) They nag.

When a dog wants you to throw their ball they will literally sit and bark in your face until you do it. The Real Housewives seem to be constantly nagging their husbands the same way.

7.) They can be super sneaky and manipulative.

Once again watch The Real Housewives, there is shadyness in every damn episode. Fred has his shady moments too, he will climb his ass up on our table from time to time and steal our things. He takes them to his room and lays with them. It is usually a hat or bra...

8.) They have lots of friends.

They might talk behind each other's backs, but they definitely have their posse. And they are always all up in each other's business.

9.) The love getting presents.

Really though, who doesn't? Dogs and socialites are pretty ungrateful however, so don't expect a genuine thank you.

10.) They love to cuddle.

All the damn time.

ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH HER YET? Honestly she's wonderful. and I <3 Fred. So go visit her.

Hope y'all have a great weekend- I hope I survive! I can't make any promises about having a post for Monday but I'll try. Til then, I leave you with for #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney and get your posts ready for our Tall Tails Link up on Tuesday!!

Carly Simon You're So Vain
You're So Vain by Carly Simon on Grooveshark

Tuesday On A Thursday

I'm just gonna tell you about my day Tuesday cuz enough stuff happened that I think is funny and/or fun that I wanna share. And this is my blog so I can do that.

side note: thank you to everyone who responded to yesterday's post. it makes me feel good knowing I'm not the only one worried! that said- I am NOT a person who puts stock in what other people think. I really want to be me more than be liked, but I feel like I have a responsibility to my readers and followers to not be a complete ass and upset them. I loveeee my readers and I do care what y'all think. the haters can shove it. if you're gonna hate, do it. I just want my readers to be happy :)

KGREAT. L&J get married on Saturday. That's 2 DAYS!! I'm dying. Like, I really have anxiety issues (obv talked about my bloggy ones yesterday) but my stomach has been bouncing around my torso all week. I have so much shit going on that I'm constantly wired/tense.

Another thing that makes me tense? Gynocologist appointments. Yesterday morning I had my annual and I waited AN HOUR in the exam room. The appointment itself took 4 minutes. I checked the clock. I tweeted about it (obv) and got responses from Alyssa, Katie and Allie which made me feel better.

REALLY THO. I have shit to do! I have to make up the time by not taking lunch the rest of the week. I couldn't make up the time after work Tuesday cuz I had a nail appointment. On the way there, I had my windows down and a FUCKING BEE came thru the window and hit my ear! It landed by the back window and I scooped it out so it was ok but it could have been BAD. The nail appointment went really well and I love my mani and so do 41 other people on instagram. I don't think I've ever had so many likes on one picture.
errrrbody loves my nailssssss
Here's the issue with manicures tho. I HATE the massage that you get while you're waiting for your shellac to set. I hate massages anyway. They do the opposite of relax me. I had ONE friend who I went to school with that was the ONLY person I wanted a massage from. Not even my boyfriends are allowed. I'm just a puss about it and everyone is too rough with me. Plus, because of the stress issues, I have about 3498 knots in my back. SO LAY OFF. I'm just a tense person and you poking me is NAHT helping. Plus now I have painful spots on my shoulders.

After the horrific experience of a harsh massage, I treated myself to Marshalls. I got a bunch of shit. Including but not limited to:
OBSESSED                                              child dress
And here are things I tried on but didn't buy but took pictures of:
broken top                        unflattering Kate Spade            REALLY pretty, too big                 pant-romper?
Hope you all enjoy my frizzy hair and awkward poses. Despite how I look, I had not been at the gym.

Also after Marshalls I went to the grocery store to pick up some din and there was a 10 year old girl in the black and white dress I just bought. Come onnnn. I tweeted about that too (again, obv) and Brooke, Candice and Erin all made me feel better again.
Then I came home and had mac & cheese and a hotdog and watched Sherlock (have you guys watched it yet?! It's SO GOOD). I also got these shoes in the mail that I plan on wearing to the rehearsal (depening on which dress I pick)
I also did some bloggy designing for my IRL friend  Savannah who now has an ADORABLE blog. Go look! I made her header and will be making all her other tings too!! Tell her/me what you think! I'm new at it, but I love it.

Back to the now. You guys really gotta stop living in the past and obsessing over the insignificant details of my life... (mm maybe I should post something that isn't just BLAHBLAHBLAH huh?)

Tonight Tom and I are joining his family and J's family at the Hartford Golf Club for their annual cook out and fireworks show! I'm super pumped about it. Then I have tomorrow off to get myself together for the rehearsal (I HATE SPELLING THAT WORD) at the church and dinner and gather my shit for Saturday!! GAHHHHHHH I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!

p.s. Tomorrow Erin is guest posting and I'm sososososo obsessed with her post. So come back and read it. It's wonderful.

ALSO you have one more week to enter the Boozy Bloggers giveaway! SO DO IT. I got another package of goodies in the mail and everything is SO GREAT.

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Bloggy Anxieties

So I'm guest posting for the always lovely Stephanie at Bourbon & Glitter. Go check it out. I made pretty graphics and it's a pretty funny post. Also Tila Tequila is involved.

As for my post today, Alyssa (who is one of my FAVORITE bloggers) posted about some bloggy worries she has and it got me thinking of mine. I am actually a super anxious person but I try SO VERY HARD to pretend I'm not. (usually where Tom's rational-ness comes in) Blogging is one of the best things I've fallen into but it's not like its all rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise..(haaaa tanks Adam Levine) really tho, it's not always easy. Worth it? Yes. But, no one said it would be easy, no one ever said it'd be this hard.. (HAHA cracking myself up.)

Ok enough creepy lyric references. Here is what I worry about:

1. Cursing
I wasn't sure if I was gonna curse on my blog. 90% of people don't and 99.7% don't say "fuck." In my first post (and in every other post I can think of) I write they way I think/speak. My biggest bloggy compliment from my IRL friends is that they can hear my voice as they read because it's so true to life. That's THE BEST thing to hear. (besides the fact that they're reading it in the first place) but until I read Shannon's blog, Gin and Bare It, I was like "oh shit, no one swears on here!" (Thanks for swearing with me Shan!) I still worry that it wasn't the right decision because it would take forev to go back and change every curse word now!

2. Not keeping my mouth shut
This is a problem in my real life but hasn't been yet in blogland. Tom will tell you- I have an opinion on everything. And I like sharing it. I won't push my opinions on you (even tho I'm always right- haa) but I love talking about things. If you have a difference of opinion, I wanna hear it so I assume you wanna hear mine. And not everyone does (weirddd) but I do get nervous I'm gonna say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get myself into a sticky situation.

3. Not speaking up
I fucking love discussions, but because of #2 I'm worried about opening my big and often opinionated mouth and ruining everything. There was a post by a blogger I really like a few days ago that I wanted to weigh in on but after typing out my novel of a comment, I looked at Tom and was like "I don't know if I should send this.." I have no problem disagreing with people (it happens often) and I don't care if you disagree with me. In fact I wanna hear your honest opinion, not one you think people wanna hear. But I don't wanna be the person that gets barrated with hate comments after that post. I'm not a "E.L.E." (everyone love everyone) type person, I think conflict is healthy, but sometimes I get anxious about sharing my peice and that bums me out.

4. Offending people
I've heard a lot about blog drama, specifically twit dramz and I'm NAHT tryna be a part of it. And I'm definitelyyyyy not tryna be in the middle of it! I worry sometimes that I will post something that someone else has done that I didn't tag. Not because I'm trying to be a dick and take an idea as my own but because I'm disorganized. I don't keep good notes on shit so if I don't credit you, I'm so sorry!! I swear it's because I'm an idiot not a bitch. It's not about followers, its about how the community would look at me and since that's the best part for me I'd hate that.

5. Losing real life time
I think/assume everyone has issues balancing blog stuff time and IRL stuff time. I get very worried that I'm gonna miss stuff because of it. I wanna blog. I love writing posts, making graphics, doing graphics for other people, writing guest posts, running giveaways, hosting link ups. I also love all the social media stuff and find myself constantly doing something that comes back to my blog. I'm not complaining, but it's tough to make sure I'm actually LIVING my life, not just blogging about it.

Are these things you guys get anxious about too?

I mean there are other fleeting "oh.. shit.." moments that I have about certain posts or tweets but the more my blog grows the more actual stuff I start to worry about!

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My Answer To The Age Old Question...

If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That's one of those questions that was on every "get to know you" questionaire from kindergarten through some of the Liebster posts I've seen. And usually the response is: steak, mac & cheese, pizza- you know, the typical stuff.

Naht me.

I used to be a "steak. definitely" person but now, it's fries. Yes, if I could eat ONE THING and ONLY ONE THING for the REST OF MY DAYS, I would eat fries. Not just any fries tho; truffle fries. With parmesan and a tiny bit of parsley.

Not kidding guys, this shit is BOSS. I order it EVERYWHERE. I base my desicion on where we will be going out to eat on if they serve truffle fries or not. OR if I think I can get them to make them for me even if they aren't on the menu. (most places will if they can so askkkkk)

I usually take pictures of when I order them because I <3 them so much. And here is a little collage for you.
I also mentioned them in this post as a way to act super prententious but they are so fucking good I don't care. I also just bought this tiny bottle fom amazon because I want truffles on everything and will try to make that happen.
Truffles themselves are gross looking. They are a fungus after all. They have an "earthy" taste so kindaaa like mushrooms? That's what people say at least, I just say they're delicious. 
source                                                                                                       source
But the best part is this: guess how they harvest them?! TRUFFLE PIGS!
Legit. They train pigs to sniff them out and uncover them! (they grow underground) and they are even better than the trained dogs who do the same job
This one is fantastic cuz he thinks he's a puppy
My dream is to move to move to France (where truffles are) get a tea cup pig, and call him T.P. (aka Truffle Pig aka Tiny Porker) and Lil and T.P. would be best friends and we'd be rich cuz truffles are pricey as fuck.

So if you've never had truffle fries ORDER THEM. They're life changing. And anything else on a menu that has truffle or truffle oil, order that too. And then send me the left overs (if there are any)

Also I've just made myself so hungry for them that I will in fact be going to the restaurant directly below our apartment (one of the places that don't have them on the menu) and getting some after my mani appointment.

Check Meowt

So I guess I'm back to weekend shenanigan-ing! I wasn't on my shit for a few weeks there. But don't worry, per usual y'all missed nothing since I do nothing ever. 

This weekend I drank a little, ate a lot and got my hair did. 

Friday Tom and I went to happy hour which we never make it to. I had a glass of wine and some din but I'm a total lightweight and that got me kinddddda drunk. We were gonna meet up with 3 of our friends to see This Is The End. I had NO CLUE what it was about, who was in it, I had never even heard of it. So I decided, since the theater we were going to sells food and booze to enjoy during the movie, I would continue on the hot mess express and get a tiny bottle of moscato and a tiny bottle of champagne.

They were both HORRIBLE. I drank them anyway. And I loved the movie. But I was drunk. Tom said it was good and he was sober so I guess go see it. I won't spoil it but the very last scene literally made me freak out. In a good way. Audibly. (I'm that person in theaters) 
Saturday I went to get my hair highlighted with super amounts of blonde but the lady didn't do a fantastic job. In fact it wasn't a surprise if you saw this tweet

But here is me basically getting screwed. 
Then I picked up my grandmother and my great aunt and headed out to Ikea. Obv we had to stop and get lunch tho, so we went to Lenny & Joe's. YUM.
Not sure where to look?
We went to get some prizes for the giveaway and duh I came home with things to go in my cabinet. 
Pumped about these!! Also I spy Lil's tiny paw!
I then stayed up til 3am (wish I was exaggerating) figuring shit out on photoshop. It payed off tho and I finished some real great stuff that will be making a debut soon!

Sunday we spent most of the day watching Sherlock on Netflix. FUCKING WATCH IT. It's amazing. really tho. The episodes are an hour and a half each tho. Then around 2pm I decided I should see the light of day so I took Lil up to the rooftop terrace to drink.. tan.. read.
Notice the blonde? Ignore the awkward boob in the armpit fold.
Then after an hour we got too hot and went back in. 
Then it was time to head to Tom's parents house!
Then we went to Tom's parents where L was waiting with accessories for Lil!

Crazy dog.
And that was the weekend. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. I'm tired and cranky but it's a big week!!! L & J get married Saturday!!!!! I'm freakinnnn outtttttt. Also every sentence in this post is choppy. Sorry about it.

Also go enter the Boozy Bloggers Giveaway, the June Sponsors Giveaway and collect your pet stories to share with us on July 2nd for the first Tall Tails Link Up!
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On top of the Boozy Bloggers Giveaway Sara and I are hosting, I'm sponsoring Chelsee (who is aweeeeesome) and she's hosting her monthly Sponsors Giveaway!

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More Puppy Owner Advice and A Link Up Announcement!

Today I have Katie guest posting! She's SO GREAT. If she didn't live in Michigan I would have already showed up at her house. I'm excited to have her and her pup visiting and she's agreed to give y'all more puppy advice. You met her breifly on my post about puppy advice but she had so much good stuff I wanted everyone to hear, I asked for a whole post! PLUS after her post we have an annoucement!! Here she is!

Beautiful readers of Dog Hair is an Accessory, Adriana sent me here to give you some tips on how to raise the perfect puppy/dog.

Don’t get one.

I kid!

First and foremost, I’m Katie over at Understated Whimsy. I’m a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, so the weekend I got the pupsqueak I spent most of it crying and trying to return him.

Not kidding this time.

Meet Scoobert Doo Cunningham III aka Pupsqueak von Perfect Pants aka Scoobs.

I'm sorry, WTF. He is so cute. He’s a rescue mutt, a priss, a baby and he’s perfect. After surviving my first 30 days with this hellion, here are some points of advice for if and when you decide to adopt a devil dog!

1. Wine. You are going to need a lot. Cab, chard, it doesn’t matter. You are going to need it in stock before you get this dog.

2. Puppy proof the house and stock up on everything you’ll need for the weekend BEFORE you get the pupsqueak. Ideally you’re getting this dog on a weekend (in fact, I think this is a must because you’re going to need some time to adjust), so beforehand, dog proof! Set up its crate, food, and toy box. Set up a baby gate in a kitchen or bathroom or hardwood area to put the dog when you just need a moment to not watch it but you don’t want to use the crate (i.e. bathroom, shower). Put up anything you don’t want it to chew. Stock up your house with groceries, snacks, movies and yummies (dictionary word, true story) so that you won’t have to keep running in and out of the house. Also wine. WINE.

3. CRATE TRAIN. I do not care if that dog screams for 7 hours straight the first couple nights. Crate train that mofo. Some tips to help the crying: try a white noise app on your phone or one of those toys with a heartbeat simulated in the crate to sooth the dog. If anything start with the crate in your bedroom at night and then slowly move it to where you want it to be. But do NOT get that puppy out if it cries! To get the dog to love its crate, try giving it an awesomesauce treat that he only gets in his crate. My go to is a kong filled with peanut butter or a kong filled with wet dog food and frozen. Dog LOVES that crap. Trust me, the crate is a lifesaver and will eventually become its happy little enclosed cage of shame den.

4. Routine and consistency. If you get the little squeak on a routine, housebreaking will be much easier. Get up at the same time, feed at the same time; take out at the same time. I used bells for training my dog. Ring the bell, say outside, then go right outside and use your command word. I really effing wish I didn’t make my word “go potty”. Wtf. Now I’m sitting out there chanting “go potty!” like an idiot. Oh well. But you could use anything, “hurry up” or “go faster”. After you say it and the dog goes, treat and praise and reward and then go right back in! That way the puppy knows when I ring these bells I go out and I go to the bathroom. If you ring the bells, go outside, go to the bathroom and then play or go for a walk, the pupsqueak is going to start ringing them because it wants to go outside and play. You want to train it to know bells = bathroom. With routine my pup only had 3 accidents in the house and 34 days later he successfully rings the bells every time he needs to go out. SUCCESS.

5. KILL IT. With kindness, you freaks. Don’t really kill the thing. Dogs are going to react to positive praise way more than negative. So have a sound you make (mind sounds like “nuh uh”) when you are trying to tell the pup you don’t like what its doing, and then when he does something else or heads the other way or stops chewing (etc.) immediately praise and treat and reward. You could be sitting there saying NO for hours or you could train the dog that when it hears your sound it means he is doing something that he won’t get a treat for. Trust me, that pup is immediately going to redirect and try to do something he knows he will get a treat for (playing with the right toys, leaving your cats alone and not trying to maul them to death) you get the picture.

6. SOCIALIZE. After you get the pup used to you and your rules (somewhat) take it places (after it has had all of its shots!) and let it do new things. Pet friendly restaurants, Petsmart, small trail walks, etc. You don’t want the thing to be an emo weirdo. You want it to get used to cars and people and walks etc. My dog will sit on a restaurant patio now happily looking at passersby while me and the manfriend booze away for hours. He loves it! And it means we get to get out of the house without feeling bad we are locking him up. And wine! Win, Win.

Getting the pup was probably one of the harder things I’ve ever done to date. My routine changed, my focus changed, my priorities changed, sleeping off a hangover until noon and then brunching for three hours every weekend changed. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. There is no love like the pupsqueak’s love. What is your best tip for surviving the first month with your new pup? Wine?

I gotcha, mine too.

All incredible advice! Wine is really the best remedy for puppy misbehavior. So go visit Katie now because she's fucking awesome.

Also- just as an add on, one of  the things that may help is this socialization check list. Get as many of these checked off as possible! If you didn't notice, that was a big point in both this post from Katie AND the post I did last week. Dr. Sohia Yin's site is a really great resource for any puppy or dog owner. Check her out!


Katie and I have come up with this link up for all the fur and feather (and scale?) mommas out there! We both talk about our animals a LOT on our blogs and we know y'all are super into your pets too! So here is an opportunity to link up on a biweekly basis to talk about them and meet other bloggers who are pet-obsessed! The only requirements for the Tall Tails Link Up, are that you talk about your pets and that you visit some other blogs that are linked up! Maybe you will meet you pups new best friend! The first link up will be on Tuesday, July 2nd and of course we'll remind y'all again! Hope to see you all there!
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and now, because it's appropriate, #backthatazzup with Whitney:

Who Let The Dogs Out - Baja Men
Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men on Grooveshark
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The Boy Behind My Blog: Bloggy Stuff

Ok so second post of the day? NBD. I couldn't pass this one up tho. Mal and Stephanie came up with this adorable monthly link up called The Boys Behind The Blog and I immediately knew I wanted to convince Tom to do it. He's hilarious and smart and silly and fun and BLAHBLAH I know, you get it. But now you actually get to know him better!! He was more than happy to go along with this and I loved reading his responses. And because I can't keep my mouth shut, I added my thoughts in purple. And duh, pictures.
1. Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
She uses my real name which I’m ok with.  That said, I’d be open to a nickname provided it was something cool like NightRaven or Notorious T or Old Bean or Skip McTangles.

Ok, I don't know why he thinks he's cool enough for those nick names. Although Skip McTangles made me laugh out loud. He calls me Bev or Beverly so he doesn't get NightRaven. At some point I'll tell you the story of how I became Bev.

At a family grad party last weekend.
2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
That would depend on the theme of the blog: Wine Blog - Sauvignon Blog.  Beer Blog – Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy Blog Blog Blog! Nausea Blog – Ugh! I Feel awful! I Think… Yeah… I Gotta Blog! Passive Aggression Blog – It’s fine..You Don’t Have to Read It… I Mean I Put A Lot of Effort Into It.. But… Oh really? You Think This A Long Title for a Blog? You’re Probably Right.. What do I Know About Blogging?

Sauvignon Blog is taken. He looked it up. But this answer is exactly why he shouldn't have his own blog.
3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?
All the time.  I keep trying to explain to her that listening to my original acrostic poetry should be her top priority, but she just doesn’t get it.  In all seriousness, blogging has become a passion for her that imbues her with happiness and fulfillment.  And, since it’s not heroin, I’d  have to be an incredible a-hole not to support her 100%.

He really is awesome about it. And understanding. Most nights he goes to bed way before me. But seeing as we live in a studio, he's really not going far. Also "imbues"? I literally had to look that up. TOO SMART BRO. 
In love.
4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
About a year ago she had another blog called Easy Peasy Glam.  It was a style and DIY sitch.  It wasn’t a bad blog there just really wasn’t much of her in it.  It felt kinda forced, like if Justin Beiber tried to record a country album.  I think she did about half a dozen posts before she gave it up.   But, about six months ago she started writing the first batch of posts for Dog Hair is An Accessory.  The style, format and tone was much more her.  She had found her outlet and her bloggy voice.  She fully committed herself to networking and link ups and making awesome blog friends. Our family and friends began to make a point of telling her how much they loved her blog.  In short, she had Mofoing Arrived!  WOOOOO! WOOOOO! WOOOO! WOOOOOO! WOOOOO!

Mofoing? It's fine. Is it that obvious I love this blog? I mean I do. Also I talk about my bloggy friends a lot, he knows all of you guys!
Upset because he's too full to eat his ice cream
5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
The post about the Maned Fox and the Beardsley Zoo is pretty high up there.  I love the part of that post where she lists the animals at the zoo and explains what is so great about them, which typically is that they are tiny or something along those lines.  Also Lil will be pissed if I don’t say any post with her in it.  So, yeah, any post with Lil.

Mmm good save there Dad, Lil reads my blog everyday and she would have totally bit you in the ass if you didn't mention her!
Boys Behind The Blog

And if you didn't check it out already- go enter our Boozy Bloggers Giveaway!
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