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Yea, I'm back again!

If you haven't read this little blog of mine lately, or if you don't follow me on instagram or twitter, you may not know- Tom, Lil and I moved! We moved one floor up in the same building we were in. Once we're all fixed up settled in, I'll do a little tour for y'all!

Until then I actually have a desk to type at so maybe I will post more often? I do have a little something in the works and honestly until that is a go, I still will probably be a bit sporadic.

This isn't an apology or update-on-my-life post tho. It's a fashion post. Say whaaaa? Yea, I've been picking out outfits for everything lately. Ugly sweater party, decorating the family tree, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years.. gahh the list goes on and on. So when Brilliant Earth contacted me about participating in their Personality Style Challenge, I was basically like, "sweet are you gonna send me some diamonds to review?!" "I'd love to do some creative outfit styling!" so I took some of their jewels and personality profiles and made some outfits that I would like to have in my closet for the holidays!
This one is my going shopping/running errands/weekend lunch date outfit. Boyfriend cut jeans and booties are a must. And of course this time of year a cozy sweater is a given. Neutrals all the way. And to add a bit of sparkle and a tiny splash of that gorgeous purple- some diamond accents can't hurt! Plus the smooth finish on the white gold band and the pendant give a casual but girly look. And now I want all these items.

My second outfit choice is in clear contrast to the first one, obviously. This is my Titanic Fancy Party outfit. You know, when everyone got super dressed up and went to that fantastic party in the ballroom? (well not everyone but still) I mean we'll ignore the fact that the ship sunk. This is a "look at me" outfit for sure. Sequin dress, stiletto pumps, big fur coat and bling coming out the wazoo. Tell me that ring isn't on everyone dream list. And having blingy studs and that incredibly awesome diamond infinity necklace completes the glam look for sure.

Those are the outfits I'm lusting over. Diamonds and all. Also I will be doing a DIY for my ugly sweater party that I will get up on here. Even tho it's a bit late in the season for a tutorial!

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Giving Thanks

As I mentioned yesterday- this is my Thanksgiving post. I realize we're about to be half way thru December but the holiday season is busy!

I wanted to share my thanksgiving spread to show off some pretty details that are from Mama Mia's Cupcakes!

This is a picture laden post and all the pictures are of food. So your welcome for making you hungry.

Good ol' daddy, throwin' duces. 

If you noticed- I used some of the toppers to garnish the main dishes. The photo quality needs some work- I’ll admit that. But everyone thought the added touch was great! It’s just sugar so it did melt a little but they looked awesome! And then of course, I couldn't NOT have cupcakes so I made some yummies and popped the other toppers on there. They made my sub-par cupcakes look pretty fantastic.

Mia has something for everyone and does custom orders too. Christmas is 2 weeks away and if you’re in charge of dessert you have to check her out! I love these tree ones and she makes cookies too! 

These big Santa cookies are perfect to leave out for the Big Guy on Christmas Eve!

And since she also has home other party supplies, you can basically plan your entire party with her! She has straws in pretty much every color and pattern (including paw prints which, I obviously loveeee)

Those pretty straws I had at my birthday party? From Mia. She made a black and gold variety pack of 12 straws for me and I was so pleased with what I got. And all my friends were super pumped.

So for your next shin-dig check Mia out. And if you already have Christmas covered, New Years is close to follow so stock up on adorable treats and favors and your guests will be super impressed!

Cheers, Y'all!

Andddddddddd we’re baaack! Have you guys seen the SNL skit with Jimmy Fallon and Ben Afleck where they are radio DJs? No? Well then my greeting isn’t as funny.

I’m back just in time for my pretty little friend Casey’s link up!
Cheers not Jeers
She actually cheered me last week and I want to say thanks and cheer her right back! If you guys aren’t familiar with her blog, go check it out. She’s the first blogger I met in real life and I couldn’t be happier about that. We clicked right away and any nervousness I may have had, melted away with a bite of munchkin and sip of mimosa she had waiting for me! She came to visit me recently and I can’t wait for our next meet up! We’re 2 ½ hours from each other which is kind of a bummer because with shitty New England weather, visiting in winter months gets pretty complicated. Regardless, she’s an incredible person, and has already become a good friend! She’s one of the most supportive people I know and she has an uncanny ability to stay positive and happy though pretty much anything. Her husband is great too! (Hey Joe!) So go say Hi and tell her I sent you with loooove!

I also want to cheer on a brave chickadee named Katie. She moved from NC to FL to work at the most wonderful place on earth- Disney!! I’m so proud of her because, not only did she land her dream job, but she committed to the move despite some crappy circumstances. Whether she realizes it or not, she’s an incredibly strong lady and she deserves everything great that happens to her. She already found a perfect pup and an adorable apartment and I can bet only more good things are soon to follow. Check her out because she’s amazing and also hilarious and freakin’ wonderful.

And can I cheer myself for a second? I know that’s douchey. But here’s why I want to do it: My mom’s family all live in CT, which is a small state to begin with. It’s a small family- 6 cousins and we all get along pretty well. We all live within about 30 min from each other. SO tell me why we only see each other at Christmas? 

Tom’s family is incredible. Everyone is best friends. And not in a nauseating way. Everyone is so supportive and caring and loving and I’m constantly overwhelmed by how grateful I am to be a part of all their lives. And I’m talking extended family. Like, dad’s cousins cousins. Yup biffles.

So why can’t I be friends with my cousins?! And spend time with my aunts and uncles? Welp. I decided this year, I was going to make the effort no one else was making. I organized a birthday party for myself and my cousin who is 2 years younger than me but her birthday is one day before. We had it the day after Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s. AND IT WENT GREAT. I have pictures to prove it.

And the best part is- it started a trend! My anut and uncle were eating at the restaurant we live above and invited Tom and I for a drink. And then my other aunt and uncle offered to help Tom and I move and said they had a little gift for us as a house warming! HELLO WE’RE BASICALLY A SUPER HAPPY FAMILY. It’s a big deal. I’m sure a lot of people have amazing families and all that jazz, which is great! But our family is naht normally like that so I’m pretty excited about it.

And these are from my birthday party with my frennnnnnds later that night
p.s. these are my favorite people in the world.

Also I have an adorable little etsy shop to share with you tomorrow along with my Thanksgiving spread. Yes I know it’s suppppa late. Sue me.

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H&M Is Stepping Up Their Game

I have so many half written posts that I should be publishing but I had to put them on hold one more day because H&M is stepping up their online game.

Remember when you couldn't buy anything online? And then they put a bunch of basic stuff on there. And now it's like a real online store. I got an email about there being cashmere so duh, I went to check it out. And then I got incredibly distracted by all the things.

Here are my favs. Any of which you can feel free to buy me for Christmas.

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Obligitory "25 Things I've Learned In 25 Years"

I'm posting 2 days in a row. WOAH dream big. (name the movie)

Soo here is one of the birthday posts I had planned on posting last week. Plus I'm pretty sure bloggers haveeee to post this.

Here's the stuff I will try to keep in mind over the next 25 years.

1. Spice Girls, N*SYNC, 90's BSB and B. Spears will ALWAYS cheer you up.

2. if you want to get a dog fine. but you WILL spend way more money than you thought, and love them more than you thought you could.

3. if you do get that dog, always have extra poop bags in your purse/pocket/car. you will have a bag to take home your curly fries in to eat in the car. plus, the dog will poop when it's inconvenient.

4. if you want something- work for it. as much as procrastinating seems like the better decision, you'll be disappointed sooner or later.

5. get a sturdy cell phone case over a pretty one. you'll get tired of the designs but you won't get less clumsy.

6. if you come home drunk- snack, chug water and brush your teeth before you pass out. if you don't you will completely regret it.

7. bring a list to the grocery store. if you don't you'll spend an hour in there wandering around and come home with cookies, olive oil and soap.

8. don't do things you don't want to. unless its actually worth it. aka don't get suckered into things through guilt trips.

9. shoe shopping, marshalls and target will solve emotional problems but create financial ones.

10. don't be an idiot and spend all your money. there are gonna be opportunities/situations that you will need money for and feeling like you can't afford something really sucks.

11. take pictures but don't lose the moment because you're behind a camera.

12. just get the bottle of wine at restaurants. you will drink it.

13. don't let stangers go near your dog. she hates them. and if she bites them there will be a lawsuit.

14. saviugnon blanc = pinot noir > pinot grigio = cabernet saviugnon > chardonnay

15. greasy food and soda will solve your hangover/headache

16. if you want something, ask. unless there is an incredibly good reason not to.

17. tell the people you love, that you love them. there isn't a "too many times" limit.

18. bring cash to the nail salon. le duh.

19. it's ok to let shitty people leave (or to kick them out of) your life. they're shitty and by definition, not worth your time.

20. go to concerts. it's fun, and the memories alone are worth the money.

21. if you wanna fall asleep quick, put in HP3. if you know every word of a movie you won't feel the need to stay awake.

22. ask for extra honey mustard with your order. you're gonna need more anyway and you won't be able to find the waiter when you run out.

23. don't let the possibility of a hangover stop you from drinking with your friends. unless it's the night before your boyfriends birthday.

24. wear what you want when you go out. it will make you happy and keep you in a good mood. overdressing isn't a crime.

25. enjoy the next 25 years because a ton of shit is gonna go down and it's probably gonna be awesome.

Tell me you agree with at least some of these. Even if you aren't 25, or a dog owner.

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I'm Back.. Kinda


I've been HORRIBLE about blogging for WAY too long. Well I mean it's gonna continue. I think until I get a new computer. But I wanted to pop back on here and let you know I miss you all.

Really tho. I still read your blogs and even though I don't comment really ever anymore, it's not because I'm not there! I've had a bunch of stuff going on in my non-blog life that has taken precedent and although I'm not going to apologize for having a non-social media life, I am going to say sorry for kinda dropping off the side of the Earth.

I get upset when bloggers I follow do that without warning cuz I'm like "yo where the feckk did this girl gooo"

So I'm still around and I'm sure I'll be on here again SOMETIME soon. But for now I want to show you what I'm most excited about right now!

This is our new apartment! We move in next weekend and I'm really excited! I have some pretty big plans for how it's all gonna go (aka Tom and I get BOTH our couches!!) and I can't wait to give you a tour once we're all moved in. Also Tom told me I wasn't allowed to buy everything for the new place right away so I'm trying to restrain myself. But I did buy this pillow on Black Friday.

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Golden Giveaway!

GUYS. I turn 25 in 5 days. WEIRD. I’m almost a year younger than all my friends and I’m 4 years younger than Tom, so I honestly feel like I’m already 25 anyway. BUT NOT YET. And for the next week or so, I’m going to be posting (yes- on a regular basis) about birthday tings. Because- It’s my mouth blog and I can do what I want to.

Before I go and post about all the tings 25 year olds care about- I want to take today and bring you my Golden (Birthday) Giveaway! I’m turning 25 on the 25th of November. That makes it my Golden Birthday! By this point in most people’s lives, they’ve passed their golden birthday, but if you haven’t- it’s an extra reason to celebrate! If you’ve seen on Instagram- I’ve posted a few golden items that I plan to decorate with and golden things I just HAD to have, and I want to share some of those things with YOU!

I have gotten a group of some of my ABSOLUTE favorite bloggers to help give away my golden birthday shiz! So without further ado- here it is!

adriana // casey // tori // sarah // kelly // kate // allie // danae

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ALSO- go see Casey cuz she's talking about a new link up that I'm super excited about and I knowww you're gonna be excited about. Also we're kind of in love so you should go see her and check that shit OUT.

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Lily's Giveaway!

It was Lil's birthday on Monday. I had most of a post written to go live on Tuesday but I didn't finish it.

I've been a bad blogger lately and I have a not-so-fun feeling that it's gonna stay hard to keep up. I started my new job that's really great and I'm so excited about it but it's exhausting and really, the last thing I have wanted to do the last week and a half was come home and hop right back on the computer.

But I'm here today and I got something for you. Or rather, Lil has something for you. She heard I was doing a birthday giveaway (I am, and it's fucking awesome so stay tuned!) and she was all "wtf mom" and I was like WELL, ok. So- here's Lil!

Hey guys! Did you know this very blog you're reading was inspiried by me? Duh. I'm basically mom's muse. Also I like fetch.

Here's what I don't like: going for walks in the fucking cold. For some genius reason, mom and dad live in New England and I'm not a husky for fuck sake! It's way too cold for that shit. Well, it was, until mom got me the warmest, most wonderful, adorable puppy coat!

She got it from The Product Farm, yes, the same place you can get a vino2go! There are a bunch of patterns- just go check them out.

Mom knows me well tho and knows I like to be girly and I need all the help I can get with that since I don't have a uterus.

This pattern is my favorite, but plaid is very in this year, and I also love the pattern on this aztec one.

ANYWAY look how cute it is on me! And wanna know the best part?! The sizing is CUSTOMIZABLE! The coat mom got me fits me perfectly, which is nice cuz I have super awkward proportions.

Every coat is handmade by a woman named Cristel and she is freakin awesome. She's in this article, like a boss.

There are 2 layers of fleece and the collar can actually be popped. Which is obviously how I wear it. It's really warm and I even can deal with pooing outside instead of making mom walk thru the parking garage. Big deal guys.

And I can't keep this to myself! As my birthday present FROM me, I want to give one to an awesome pup out there! You just gotta follow my mom on some shit so you can get updates/pictures of me always.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet One Hilarious Doggy Mom!

Looking For Some New Jewelry?

Then you're gonna want to keep reading!

And I know I kinda stopped existing at the end of the week last week. It was my first week at my new position and I was exhausted. So much so, that I scheduled this post and didn't publish it. Smooth move exlax.

ANYWAY. This is a post I'm excited about because one of my sponsors from a little while back has a jewelry etsy shop and I wanna share some of my favorites out of her awesome items with you today!

First- it's just about gifting season so you gotta check out Jenny's shop

Second- how fucking cute are her items!?

Here are the ones I picked out, and now wear on the regs!

black beaded silver bar bracelet

sparkle accent bracelet

dainty turquoise side cross

They're great to wear with pretty much everything and holiday parties are a great time for an arm party! (get it?!) Really tho, Jenny is awesome and I love the items I have. They're comfortable and could easily but made to fit your wrist.

Jenny is an amazing shop owner too and totally wants her customers to be happy! She was great to work with for sure!

Here are my wish list items for my next purchase!

So make sure you go check out her shop- Hole In Her Stocking Designs, and go say hi to her on her blog!

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