Happy New Year! (a week late)

Ok so that time I didn't post until a week into the new year? Yea. Sorry bout it. I actually have a lot of shiz queued up to talk about. In fact, I wrote up a post about all the things to come and then didn’t finish it and never published it.

BUT I’m here now and I have some stuff to tell you about. In a mostly timely manner.

1.  I have a bunch of DIYs to share
2. I have a giveaway coming up that’s really cool
3. I’m gonna start doing Bikram Yoga
4. I have an etsy shop to share with you that sells golden unicorns, dinosaurs and kittens

So yea. I can recap the Holidays but I don’t know if I will/if they were really worth recapping. I will be starting yoga on Monday. I’m not thrilled about it but Tom says I should do that since it’s $15 a month instead of $50 for the gym near us and it’s across the street from our apartment. Plus I’m already paying $15 a month to a gym I haven’t gone to in 2.5 years. That’s around $450. YIKES. I never calculated that before. Feck. I need to end that IMMEDIATELY.

So now I’m going to the post office to drop off my membership cancellation and order an extra thick yoga mat off amazon. WOO.

Meet A DIY Queen and Self Proclaimed Cat Lady!


  1. I've been wondering where the hump you've been girly!! Oh and I tried yoga for the first time the other day... Turns out, it's not as easy as it seems.

  2. Good luck with Bikram! I've never tried it!

  3. Your yoga is only $15/month?! That is incredible! My hot yoga is more than that per class!

  4. My and Yoga don't get a long! All that bending and stretching. I'd rather lift weights but it is expensive and $15 is so cheap! My studio it is $15 per session not per month! Get on it, and have fun!

  5. First of all, IVE MISSED YOU. Second HOW did you find a yoga studio for $15 a month? they are like $250 a month here, with $15 classes only if you buy a package. Ugh. Also I bought a groupon for bikram..not sure if I'm gonna use that, I liked the vinyasa hot yoga but bikram scares me. You should def report back on that.

    ALSO I have a gold stegosaurus on my desk at work from an etsy shop! Highly recommend.

  6. Happy New Year (very, very belated ha ha)! Sounds like you have a lot planned :D I've always wanted to do yoga but we don't have any classes that are a good price. All the ones I've found are like $90 a month. Yikes!