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Yea, I'm back again!

If you haven't read this little blog of mine lately, or if you don't follow me on instagram or twitter, you may not know- Tom, Lil and I moved! We moved one floor up in the same building we were in. Once we're all fixed up settled in, I'll do a little tour for y'all!

Until then I actually have a desk to type at so maybe I will post more often? I do have a little something in the works and honestly until that is a go, I still will probably be a bit sporadic.

This isn't an apology or update-on-my-life post tho. It's a fashion post. Say whaaaa? Yea, I've been picking out outfits for everything lately. Ugly sweater party, decorating the family tree, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years.. gahh the list goes on and on. So when Brilliant Earth contacted me about participating in their Personality Style Challenge, I was basically like, "sweet are you gonna send me some diamonds to review?!" "I'd love to do some creative outfit styling!" so I took some of their jewels and personality profiles and made some outfits that I would like to have in my closet for the holidays!
This one is my going shopping/running errands/weekend lunch date outfit. Boyfriend cut jeans and booties are a must. And of course this time of year a cozy sweater is a given. Neutrals all the way. And to add a bit of sparkle and a tiny splash of that gorgeous purple- some diamond accents can't hurt! Plus the smooth finish on the white gold band and the pendant give a casual but girly look. And now I want all these items.

My second outfit choice is in clear contrast to the first one, obviously. This is my Titanic Fancy Party outfit. You know, when everyone got super dressed up and went to that fantastic party in the ballroom? (well not everyone but still) I mean we'll ignore the fact that the ship sunk. This is a "look at me" outfit for sure. Sequin dress, stiletto pumps, big fur coat and bling coming out the wazoo. Tell me that ring isn't on everyone dream list. And having blingy studs and that incredibly awesome diamond infinity necklace completes the glam look for sure.

Those are the outfits I'm lusting over. Diamonds and all. Also I will be doing a DIY for my ugly sweater party that I will get up on here. Even tho it's a bit late in the season for a tutorial!

Meet A DIY Queen and Self Proclaimed Cat Lady!


  1. I'm loving the light purple Essie nail polish and I'm totally wishing I had someone to do my hair all pretty and stuffs! I took it out of it's "forever home" (the bun) last night and it's gotten so long-- being almost to my butt gives so much room for fancy styles and such, especially with it being naturally wavy. Hire me a stylist?

  2. love the white shirt with brown shoes look! always a clasic!

  3. I love the first look, it is something I would totally wear. Love the lip color and nail color (I actually own that one). The neutral with a few pops of color is so classic.

  4. oh if only i could have that closet. and congrats on the move!

  5. ooooh the titanic party outfit is gorgeous! and give me all those diamonds please :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. I love that updo in the first look, though I know I could never recreate that myself. Congrats on the new place, and have fun getting all settled in!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  7. Love the outfits! I'll have to check out that site, I sure love diamonds! Ha ha!

  8. I wish I could do that to my hair. For someone who wants to be a hair stylist I have absolutely no skill in up-do's