8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Tami and Erin from Thought Catalog

1. A go to drink
I have a go to drink for every situation. Wine at home, Godiva on the rocks when it's cold out and I'm not drinking a lot, vodka tonic when I'm out getting hammered, beers when I'm staying in and getting hammered, and prosecco and St. Germain when I'm out to din.

2. A go to karaoke song
A "go to karaoke drink" is more accurate. I will naht do karaoke ever. Period. I will however sing any 90's pop song WAY too loud for anyones preference. Also Africa by Toto is my fucking jam. So if anything- it'd be Africa.

3. A uniform
As in my go to outfit? But you didn't want to use the words "go to" again? This would depend on the situation too. But at home it's boxers and a tshirt. In public- if it's winter it's jeans, boots and a sweater and in summer a dress.

4. A hair stylist they love
I'm pretty much failing at this. I don't have one. Whoever is offering a cut and color on groupon at the moment.

5. An exercise routine
That's hilarious. I do watch a lot of action movies tho.

6. A hobby
Wouldn't this count? Also doing all unproductive things.

7. A best friend
HP, Stephen, Tom, Lil. Not necessarily in that order. People who say you can only have one best friends are fuckers.

8. A healthy sense of self
I'm a princess sooo that's pretty much all I gotta sense.

I got a great girl you absolutely need to meet. And she's freaking awesome, plus she has a recipe for Pizza Roll Up. UM DELICIOUS. Really tho.

When and why did you start blogging?
1. I started blogging at the very end of July. I started a blog after thinking about it for a year or so and realizing I was never going to get a reality show on E! about our crazy busy life. :)

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  1. 9. a bloggy bff in sunny florida to visit. <3

  2. Bahaha (I'm a sheep?) This made me laugh. I've seen these floating around before but I think you've just convinced me to give it a try.


  3. My go-to drink is sparkling water... I sound so upper chic, don't I? ;)

  4. Go to drink: whipped cream vodka and OJ
    Go to karaoke song: Babe by Styx
    Uniform: camo sweatshirt and jeans
    Hairstylist: one of my best friends
    Exercise routine: weight lifting 4 days a week... you know, because I wanna be jacked.
    Hobby: volleyball.
    Best friend: I've got a few.
    Healthy sense of self: still working on it, haha.

  5. Your dinner drink is my waiting for a table drink :)

  6. I need a hobby.. besides talking trash about my fiance, blogging, and cleaning up after the fiance I trash talk about! Can trying to get pregnant be considered a hobby?

  7. If I've had enough of my go-to drink (vodka/diet coke) then you might find me on stage singing my go-to karaoke song (Don't Stop Believin') but it's rare. Saw you on Kristine's blog and just wanted to pop by and say hi!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

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