Looking For Some New Jewelry?

Then you're gonna want to keep reading!

And I know I kinda stopped existing at the end of the week last week. It was my first week at my new position and I was exhausted. So much so, that I scheduled this post and didn't publish it. Smooth move exlax.

ANYWAY. This is a post I'm excited about because one of my sponsors from a little while back has a jewelry etsy shop and I wanna share some of my favorites out of her awesome items with you today!

First- it's just about gifting season so you gotta check out Jenny's shop

Second- how fucking cute are her items!?

Here are the ones I picked out, and now wear on the regs!

black beaded silver bar bracelet

sparkle accent bracelet

dainty turquoise side cross

They're great to wear with pretty much everything and holiday parties are a great time for an arm party! (get it?!) Really tho, Jenny is awesome and I love the items I have. They're comfortable and could easily but made to fit your wrist.

Jenny is an amazing shop owner too and totally wants her customers to be happy! She was great to work with for sure!

Here are my wish list items for my next purchase!

So make sure you go check out her shop- Hole In Her Stocking Designs, and go say hi to her on her blog!

Meet My Favorite Texas to North East Transplant!


  1. Is the paw print one from that shop too? The live your dreams one is cute too.

  2. Love the cross necklace!!!! The bracelets are adorable too!

  3. Thanks for featuring my shop! Everything looked great on you!

  4. "Smooth move exlax" a saying that doesn't get used nearly enough! Gonna check out her blog AND shop! :)

  5. That jewelry is gorgeous! Love it! Definitely will be checking out her shop!

  6. hope the new jobber is going great! you are pretty