Do You Reheat Your Pizza?

Soooooooooooo I vlogged. Again. And I drank before. Again.

my OTHER drunk vlog
Kenny Vloggins aka Kenny Loggins didn't sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
Star Wars chopsticks (I have Darth Vader's)

ALSO. I just watched that sober and I am completely mental. Please still be my friend.

Always Ashten

Despite my stupidity and ridiculousness, you should totally come meet my girl Elizabeth. If you aren't obsessed with her eyes and hair (not creepy right?) you will be obsessed with her after reading her blog. I mean with "I'm definitely a little weird." in her about me section, try to act like you don't love her.

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging right after I graduated college. I wasn’t having a ton of luck finding a job and I needed something to fill the empty hours. I’m so glad I chose blogging to do that because the people I’ve met and the posts I read on a daily basis are amazing.

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
I wrote a post called ‘How To Talk To An Introvert’ that I love. Introversion is a reality for about 1/4 of the population but it’s still highly misunderstood so I had a lot of fun giving advice while getting a little 23 year built up rant off my chest.

3. What has been the best part about decorating your new house? Did you post about it?
Womp. I live with my parents. But I did take over my brother’s old room and give it a paint makeover complete with a chalkboard wall. I plan to blog about it whenever I get my lazy self around to uploading the pictures. I do blog about living at home though on the regular.

Meet One Hilarious Doggy Mom!


  1. Please vlog all the time. These are my favorite things ever.

  2. Seriously hilarious!! Drunk vlogs should be a weekly thing - your liver will thank you or hate you!

  3. I love your drunk vlogs! Hilarious. Thanks for the super sweet intro too. :)

  4. HAH! You're hilarious. And this just makes me want to get drunk with you because I think it would be incredibly awesome.

  5. THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS EVER!!! i'm at work and i can barely breathe because i'm trying to hold in my laughter. i haven't grown the balls to vlog yet, but i've always said i would only do drunk videos. because 1, it's less scary and 2, duh it's funny!
    also, did you have papa ginos??! cuz if you did i'm jealous.
    and another also, watching your vlogs make me wish i still lived in new england so we could hang out!!!
    and also, GO RED SOX!!!

  6. Okay. Do one of these That's an order, not a request. I'll supply the wine if need be. "Don't worry, I'm still here!" Marry me. Tom and Lil can visit you on the weekends. I love you so much I'll get things out of your teeth FOR you.

  7. You're a drunk mess and I'm dying right now.

  8. kenny vloggins ... loggins. say thing.

  9. I seriously only got like ten seconds into it and decided that we need to be best friends ha ha! This cracked me up, and I need a wine glass that size. Lil is so cute!! Oh, and I can totally make the lightsaber noise, just sayin. And.. is it the salsa dancer? Best vlog ever.

  10. I've watched this like a million times & now I officially miss the SHIT out of you!

  11. You have perfected the drunk vlog :)

  12. hahahha found the whole vlog link up on accident, then clicked on all of them.. have to say this was the best one.. I've never done a Vlog, but if I did.. I would totally do them drunk.. lmao