But I Don't Want To Go To School Tomorrowww

Jesus, I am fucking exhausted.

One of Tom's best friends was visiting from Dallas. And it was the Hartford St. Patty's Day parade so things got more than a little crazy.

I can't wait to tell you the story about the bar we went to Saturday night because it was just absolutely unreal. And by that I mean it was hilariously, ridiculously, fucking dumb. Well I can wait because I'm not going to tell you right now.

I do want to share a little piece of party wisdom with you. I feel I'm being so very informative these days.

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? It's glorious. Also difficult to play if you have morals or a conscience. So I'm a big fan. If you are into the sound of that then you HAVE to play. Also it doesn't have to be a drinking game, it's just as fun sober.

What I'm getting at (oh, you have a point?) is that when you're out at a bar sometimes conversation just isn't doing it and you need something that is "oh em gee, so muchhh funnn." And then you're like "Oh ass I forgot to bring a shit ton of cards with me in my wristlet!" and then you're like STOP. Wait a minute fill my cup, put some liqour in it we'll just play ON OUR PHONES. Yes that's real.

Go to cardsagainstoriginality.com sign in, make a game and then text the link to your friends and it's totally not hard and totally fun and hilarious and you won't regret it.

It's free. So don't be a puss about it.

Also Heads Up is a rulll good one too. It's an app. Also free. Also the "Accents and Impressions" category is definitely the best. Or the "Animals Gone Wild" if you have people only acting/sounding like the animal.

So you're welcome.


  1. I loves me some cards against humanity. Generally, it's just a conversation myself and my friends are already having, but more socially appropriate because there are cards involved. Just saying.

  2. YES. Mobile Cards Against Humanity, you've unlocked life.