I'm Basically Posh Spice.

Oh hey..

Yup. This is actally happening. Two days in a row.

I'm gonna try writing a real post today. You tell me how it goes.

I posted on instagram the other day that I'm on poshmark. (It's a site as I just found out since I linked to it.) If you didn't see my instagram post, what the HELL are you doing not following me on instagram? But really, on poshmark, my username is @acosta.

For those of you that don't know what the effing A poshmark is, now's the time! Sieze the day! Carpe the fuck out of that diem! Also I'm gonna tell you about it now so you don't have to go figure out on your own. Although you're all more than capable, I'm sure.

So I may be telling you guys about something that you beeeen doinnn and then you're thinking "wow. really? other people have been blogging this whole time you've been putzing about, you twat" but whatevsss guys just hear me out.

Here's what you do: you download this app and set up your shit and then you take pictures thru the app of all that stuff in your closet that are in the "this is totally going to be cute with the right statement necklace" pile, or the "but what if I neeeeeeed powder blue cargo capris to wear with a top I get?" pieces and then people buy them and YOU GET PAID. It's real.

I've bought things from randos and I've sold things to randos. And it's FANTASTIC. It's also great because it kinda feels like fake money since you get the money in your account and you can just purchase things thru the app with that credit! Or you can cash out and buy things other than clothes or shoes (booze).

So go get the app. Or if you're on it, find me for christ sake. And buy my shit. I'll probably buy yours. And if you're on the app leave a comment with your username and/or find me on the app.


  1. This wasn't a useless post - I've never even heard of that app.
    I'm also old... so there's that.

  2. I haven't used it. Is it mostly brand name items or do you find the occasion target item too?

    1. It's everything from Chanel down to Old Navy/Target and everything in between.

  3. I've never even heard of poshmark before, but I will definitely be checking it out now!!

  4. I love Poshmark! I'm @beatlesblonde