This Post Is ON FLEEK

Wow it's been a while huh?

cough cough A FUCKING YEAR coughcoughcoughcoughhhhhh

Plus my last post didn't count because I really just wanted to get a bunch of screenshots off my phone and put them on pinterest because my phone memory gets eaten up by said screenshots and also saved photos of the MOST photogeneic baby in the world.

spoiler alert: NAHT my baby. Tom's niece. She outrageous cute. On fleek, if you will.

I learned that phrase the other day- "on fleek" apparently it's like the 2015 equivalent on "real fly." I struggle with any new phrase that isn't "That's so fetch"

Hmm. I've been back for a full 4 minutes and I'm already distracted. It's not like you came here to have me stay on topic so it's fine.

Here are three questions you're probably asking yourself:

1. Why am I back? 2. Am I here to stay? 3. Will she try to add the phrase "on fleek" another time before the post is over?

1. I have friends at work (WOOO! #adultlife) and they're incredible and basically told me I need to do this again. Slash (yes I wrote that out) I was trying to convince them they needed to have a blog and then I started talking about this little diddy and got all heart eyes emoji and was like HOLDONADAMNMOMENT I miss that! So I showed up to class today.

2. Welp that's a bit harder to say.. I think so. I mean I want to be. I'll try to be. Broken promises suck worse than sugar free lolipops (HA) so I won't make promises. But I will make an effort. And hopefully you'll stick with me!

3. No I won't because I'm unpredictable.

Also I'm planning on making some changes. I think this little interweb spot of mine could use a fresh face in 2015 and I got a lot of rando shit to talk about per uze.. (I really need to figure out a way to spell the abbreviated version of "usual" if someone could help me out with that, it is SUPER appreciated.)

Stay fleek mofos.


  1. Woah, looks who's back!! I seriously hope you stay, the blogosphere definitely needs your laughter :)

  2. My day is made... looks whose back!!!

  3. Look who showed up to class today!! So fleek! Don't be a stranger! ;)

  4. Yeah so glad you are back! That is so fetch! I refuse to even say the other.... lol

  5. Well look at you! I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things that have been going on!

  6. WHOA just getting this memo! LOVE IT