Lemme Just Have It!

No, I didn't leave forever.

I was busy with an ass ton of work stuff and then I was at the Click Z Live conference in NYC. Any marketing folks out there? If you are, check that shit out! It was really fun and I got a lot to bring home to the office.

Anyway now that I'm done with that rando plug for a marketing conference..

I started writing my post about the bar I talked about in this post, but it started getting really long in a "oh kayyyyyyy let's wrap this up" kind of way. So I'll have to consolidate a bit before I post that little gem.

THIS post (now that I'm 5 paragraphs in) is about social media names. I've been thinking about changing my shit for a bit (rhyminggg) and it's SUPER annoying. I want to change everything to Bevla. Tom call's me Bev or when he's mad, Beverly. It's a long story. But I want it. And there are SO MANY BEVLAs IN THIS WORLD. This is Bevla the orig's profile:

bevla's twiitter - Dog Hair Is An Accessory

Also Bovla is taken by this fucking asshole. (slash their stupid twerpy son probably made it for them)

bovla's twiitter - Dog Hair Is An Accessory

Someone in the Bover/Bovla family has piss poor grammar.

But really Bovla and Bevla? What have you been doing since 2009 and 2010 (respectively)? Because you are jacking my shit UP.

At least the Bevla woman on instagram seems nice. She's got a cute little kid and she actually has 67 posts.

bevla's instagram- Dog Hair Is An Accessory

I mean it's fine. I guess I'll just stick with my rando names that don't match up on any social media. I'm over it.


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