For Easter,  my amazing cousins got me a magnum bottle of wine (because they know me very well) and these REALLY cute stemless wine glasses with a tiny chalkboard on each one and they even came with chalk.

So after taking these two photos and putting them on instagram..

...I realized I loved the idea of dressing up/taking selfies with my wine glass with some little note on it!

I also decided that it needed to have a proper hashtag. I went through a few iterations and settled on #winenotez which is wonderful. But that wasn't what I really wanted. So then it just came to me, #WINEGLASSDIARIES and now it's a thing and I'm excited to do so many more pictures like that!

Keep your pealed for the pics and the hashtag on all my social media! (the links are down there, so I'm going to be lazy about it. I may even start taking suggestions..

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