Insta Dump: I'm Not Getting Married..

So Tom and I are great and all but we're not ready to get married. But pinterest weddings wait for no ring! So I'm gonna do a wedding themed post. Relax about it, I'll let y'all know when things go down. And if you appreciate this post go check out the party planning insta dump and the first insta dump I did.

bride and groom champagne gasses
Fashionable chick, awesome instagram.

bachelorette picture
UM ADORABLE I'M DYING. Also can't find her instagram account..

open back wedding dress
sooo purrrty. These chicks know what they're doing.

bride sash
Fashion, make up, and such a cute sash!

long sleeve wedding dress
Sleeves on this dress are everything. YES SMP.

gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

glitter picture frame table numbers
I need to buy everything on this site. And I love their instagram.
wedding hankerchief
HA. But really, this is completely accurate. The knot is synonymous with weddings. 

bridesmaids gifts
LC always knows the deal.

SO GOOD RIGHT? I mean, you know, when you're ready for it.


  1. OMG that ugly crying I so need that for my wedding! That's awesome, that dress is super pretty too! I love these! :D

  2. The no ugly crying is the funniest. I was told that by my bridesmaids for a solid half hour before the wedding so I wouldn't forget ;) Also, those first champagne flutes are sooo cute. Have a great weekend, Adriana!