Lil is naht of fan of dress up. Unfortunately for her, her mom is.

Dressing up pups is pretty much the best part of Halloween. And you didn't think I'd let you get thru this wonderful holiday without sharing Lil pictures did you?!
Poor tin. At this point she has no idea what she was in for. This wasn't even taken on Halloween, I just saw the costume on sale at and bought it. By the time her first real Halloween came around she was too big to fit in the costume anyway. Whatevs tho. She's cute.

So here she is on her first real Halloween. A little too small. Although she looks the same amount of uncomfortable.
This was her most fitting costume. She didn't appreciate the suggestion that she was a bad dog but this was during her "off the fucking wall, drive my mom to lose her shit constantly" phase so it really worked.

Then we dressed her up as Superpup. Obviously she hated that too. But then I had a brilliant idea.
I mean, we didn't do anything because it was a Wednesday night or something. But when Lil was all dressed up and adorable, no respectable dog mom would allow a photo opp like this to pass. I made Tom put on his Superman jammies and then snapped away. How amazing is that picture tho?

And thru the years, she's been dressed up like a princess a fewwww times.

This is one of my favorites. This is when she was really tiny. This little party princess tutu is a kitten dress! No way she could fit in that now. Honestly, she would Hulk the shit out of it.
Anutie L bought her her this crown and I obviously fell in love with it. Infact, it won her Smiler Of The Week on the daily bark. NBD GUYS.
I wanted to buy this one at the pet store but Tom said no. So I made Lil try it on. It looked phenom, obv.

This year, her auntie got her an amazing Halloween party collar and I'm obsessed with it.

Also this year, Lil got THE most adorable coat (she gets cold on her walks ok?!) and I will be sharing more about that later. Besides dying when we got it because it's so cute I thought- DUH Lil could be a ladybug! But I didn't get her a little antenna headband so she's just warm and cute for Halloween.


And now for a treat (not a trick-get it?!) I have a hilarious girl who blogs about her life, her dogs and the ridiculousness that comes with living pretttty far from the big city. You'll want to check her out. You can thank me later.

1. When and why did you start blogging? 
I thought about blogging for a long time before I actually started a blog. When I started blogging back in February, I was recently engaged and figuring out my new life in the country. I wanted a place to document how different rural living was from anything I was used to, as well as my destination wedding planning adventures. It quickly morphed into a place for me to just spew about life, and I’m so glad! It feels more like “me” now that I’m not boxing myself into a select few topics.

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why? 

Hmm...this is a hard one. I had a lot of fun writing a post (for a Tall Tails link-up actually!) in which I narrated the dogs’ thoughts and determined that they would be potty-mouths if they could talk. I also loved a post that I wrote about how grateful I am that I started blogging, and one where I shared quirky facts about my awesome husband-to-be, Mr. B.
 3. What has been the best part about decorating your new house? Did you post about it? 

Making it our home. We’ve made so many changes, (we replaced 90% of the flooring and repainted every room in the house) and now it feels like “us”. We made the decisions and did all of the work together, so now we have a home that really reflects who we are – and I love it! I haven’t posted much about it yet, but I plan to show off before and after photos soon!

Meet One Hilarious Doggy Mom!
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  1. This is too adorable! I want a puppy so bad to dress up, but the hubby says no. We do have seven cats after all. Too bad they won't let me dress them up...or will they?

    I'm off to no good now!


  2. Oh my gosh, she is soooo adorable in her costumes! I'm dying!

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  5. Lil has more clothes than I do. Better clothes than I do. Jealous of a dog.

  6. yes yes dressing up pets is the bet. i love it.

  7. haha oh my god I die. I wish Tank wasn't such a bastard. Last year he was a hot dog and cried till I took it off of him.

  8. Dressing up the pups are the best! Already thinking of Bella's costume for next year! haha

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