Cheers, Y'all!

Andddddddddd we’re baaack! Have you guys seen the SNL skit with Jimmy Fallon and Ben Afleck where they are radio DJs? No? Well then my greeting isn’t as funny.

I’m back just in time for my pretty little friend Casey’s link up!
Cheers not Jeers
She actually cheered me last week and I want to say thanks and cheer her right back! If you guys aren’t familiar with her blog, go check it out. She’s the first blogger I met in real life and I couldn’t be happier about that. We clicked right away and any nervousness I may have had, melted away with a bite of munchkin and sip of mimosa she had waiting for me! She came to visit me recently and I can’t wait for our next meet up! We’re 2 ½ hours from each other which is kind of a bummer because with shitty New England weather, visiting in winter months gets pretty complicated. Regardless, she’s an incredible person, and has already become a good friend! She’s one of the most supportive people I know and she has an uncanny ability to stay positive and happy though pretty much anything. Her husband is great too! (Hey Joe!) So go say Hi and tell her I sent you with loooove!

I also want to cheer on a brave chickadee named Katie. She moved from NC to FL to work at the most wonderful place on earth- Disney!! I’m so proud of her because, not only did she land her dream job, but she committed to the move despite some crappy circumstances. Whether she realizes it or not, she’s an incredibly strong lady and she deserves everything great that happens to her. She already found a perfect pup and an adorable apartment and I can bet only more good things are soon to follow. Check her out because she’s amazing and also hilarious and freakin’ wonderful.

And can I cheer myself for a second? I know that’s douchey. But here’s why I want to do it: My mom’s family all live in CT, which is a small state to begin with. It’s a small family- 6 cousins and we all get along pretty well. We all live within about 30 min from each other. SO tell me why we only see each other at Christmas? 

Tom’s family is incredible. Everyone is best friends. And not in a nauseating way. Everyone is so supportive and caring and loving and I’m constantly overwhelmed by how grateful I am to be a part of all their lives. And I’m talking extended family. Like, dad’s cousins cousins. Yup biffles.

So why can’t I be friends with my cousins?! And spend time with my aunts and uncles? Welp. I decided this year, I was going to make the effort no one else was making. I organized a birthday party for myself and my cousin who is 2 years younger than me but her birthday is one day before. We had it the day after Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s. AND IT WENT GREAT. I have pictures to prove it.

And the best part is- it started a trend! My anut and uncle were eating at the restaurant we live above and invited Tom and I for a drink. And then my other aunt and uncle offered to help Tom and I move and said they had a little gift for us as a house warming! HELLO WE’RE BASICALLY A SUPER HAPPY FAMILY. It’s a big deal. I’m sure a lot of people have amazing families and all that jazz, which is great! But our family is naht normally like that so I’m pretty excited about it.

And these are from my birthday party with my frennnnnnds later that night
p.s. these are my favorite people in the world.

Also I have an adorable little etsy shop to share with you tomorrow along with my Thanksgiving spread. Yes I know it’s suppppa late. Sue me.

Meet A DIY Queen and Self Proclaimed Cat Lady!


  1. I love that you organized the party and now everyone is making more of an effort. I just saw most of my family over the weekend for a Christmas party and I was thinking the same exact thing so one of my goals for the next year is to make an effort to spend more time with my family members that I don't see very often.

  2. This is great!! See what happens when you spread a little happiness? I loooove all the gold at your party :)


  4. My family is only an hour away and we only see them on Thanksgiving and Christmas unless there is something special going on. Craziness. That looks like a great birthday celebration.

  5. i know the exact skit you're talking about and i love you for that. and you should cheers yourself. hell yes.

  6. Families need someone to hold them together. In my mom's side's case its my grandma. We don't have anybody on my dad's side. Looks like you're the one in your fam!!

  7. love those cheers glasses like whoa!

  8. I am obsessed with your dress and those cheer glasses. Chevron is my fav right now!