Obligitory "25 Things I've Learned In 25 Years"

I'm posting 2 days in a row. WOAH dream big. (name the movie)

Soo here is one of the birthday posts I had planned on posting last week. Plus I'm pretty sure bloggers haveeee to post this.

Here's the stuff I will try to keep in mind over the next 25 years.

1. Spice Girls, N*SYNC, 90's BSB and B. Spears will ALWAYS cheer you up.

2. if you want to get a dog fine. but you WILL spend way more money than you thought, and love them more than you thought you could.

3. if you do get that dog, always have extra poop bags in your purse/pocket/car. you will have a bag to take home your curly fries in to eat in the car. plus, the dog will poop when it's inconvenient.

4. if you want something- work for it. as much as procrastinating seems like the better decision, you'll be disappointed sooner or later.

5. get a sturdy cell phone case over a pretty one. you'll get tired of the designs but you won't get less clumsy.

6. if you come home drunk- snack, chug water and brush your teeth before you pass out. if you don't you will completely regret it.

7. bring a list to the grocery store. if you don't you'll spend an hour in there wandering around and come home with cookies, olive oil and soap.

8. don't do things you don't want to. unless its actually worth it. aka don't get suckered into things through guilt trips.

9. shoe shopping, marshalls and target will solve emotional problems but create financial ones.

10. don't be an idiot and spend all your money. there are gonna be opportunities/situations that you will need money for and feeling like you can't afford something really sucks.

11. take pictures but don't lose the moment because you're behind a camera.

12. just get the bottle of wine at restaurants. you will drink it.

13. don't let stangers go near your dog. she hates them. and if she bites them there will be a lawsuit.

14. saviugnon blanc = pinot noir > pinot grigio = cabernet saviugnon > chardonnay

15. greasy food and soda will solve your hangover/headache

16. if you want something, ask. unless there is an incredibly good reason not to.

17. tell the people you love, that you love them. there isn't a "too many times" limit.

18. bring cash to the nail salon. le duh.

19. it's ok to let shitty people leave (or to kick them out of) your life. they're shitty and by definition, not worth your time.

20. go to concerts. it's fun, and the memories alone are worth the money.

21. if you wanna fall asleep quick, put in HP3. if you know every word of a movie you won't feel the need to stay awake.

22. ask for extra honey mustard with your order. you're gonna need more anyway and you won't be able to find the waiter when you run out.

23. don't let the possibility of a hangover stop you from drinking with your friends. unless it's the night before your boyfriends birthday.

24. wear what you want when you go out. it will make you happy and keep you in a good mood. overdressing isn't a crime.

25. enjoy the next 25 years because a ton of shit is gonna go down and it's probably gonna be awesome.

Tell me you agree with at least some of these. Even if you aren't 25, or a dog owner.

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  1. I feel like this is the perfect post for our discussion from last weekend: I read all of this. (Oh, and I loved it, too.)

  2. #6! snacking is key to no hangover!

  3. I hope the next 25 are awesome! :)

    Yep - I still need to do that grocery list thing... I spent $130 Saturday & my frig was empty after I put everything up... nice...

  4. #20 is my fave. so many good life lessons. i always forget to chug water but i never forget about listening to britney and nsync to cheer me up.

  5. #17, I say this CONSTANTLY to Spencer, but its sooo necessary :)

  6. Ha well #2 is a given! But I think my favorite pearl of wisdom (which there were many) is #18. Just because it is so damn true!

  7. i mean if you are quoting juno and giving life advise today is a good day!

  8. I feel the way about ranch that you do about honey mustard. Hope you've been loving 25!

  9. I'll be 29 on my next birthday. Gross. Thanks for the reminder that I'm an old and busted biddy. :) 19 is my fave! :D

  10. I love them all! Especially the one about having a sturdy phone case as I am super duper clumsy and then the one about telling people you love them! By the way Happy Birthday!!!

  11. I love this list! So fun to read and SO true.

  12. I seriously never knew I could love a four legged animal so much.

    You can never have too much honey mustard.

    Concerts are always always worth the money.

  13. I turn 25 in three months. I still have SO many of these things to learn before then… Especially the one about guilt trips. IT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY.

  14. So much great advice, I still haven't learned #6 :( Happy Belated Birthday!!

  15. Such great advice! The dog ones are so true!!! Number 15 got me through college! :)

  16. I still haven't learned number 8...

  17. I can't get over #10 . Money just walks away whenever I am passing by a mall . Serious problem !
    Noor | Noor's Place

  18. "just get the bottle of wine"

    ugh so true.