Giving Thanks

As I mentioned yesterday- this is my Thanksgiving post. I realize we're about to be half way thru December but the holiday season is busy!

I wanted to share my thanksgiving spread to show off some pretty details that are from Mama Mia's Cupcakes!

This is a picture laden post and all the pictures are of food. So your welcome for making you hungry.

Good ol' daddy, throwin' duces. 

If you noticed- I used some of the toppers to garnish the main dishes. The photo quality needs some work- I’ll admit that. But everyone thought the added touch was great! It’s just sugar so it did melt a little but they looked awesome! And then of course, I couldn't NOT have cupcakes so I made some yummies and popped the other toppers on there. They made my sub-par cupcakes look pretty fantastic.

Mia has something for everyone and does custom orders too. Christmas is 2 weeks away and if you’re in charge of dessert you have to check her out! I love these tree ones and she makes cookies too! 

These big Santa cookies are perfect to leave out for the Big Guy on Christmas Eve!

And since she also has home other party supplies, you can basically plan your entire party with her! She has straws in pretty much every color and pattern (including paw prints which, I obviously loveeee)

Those pretty straws I had at my birthday party? From Mia. She made a black and gold variety pack of 12 straws for me and I was so pleased with what I got. And all my friends were super pumped.

So for your next shin-dig check Mia out. And if you already have Christmas covered, New Years is close to follow so stock up on adorable treats and favors and your guests will be super impressed!


  1. Hmmm.. where to start here? First, I'm totally craving some of those tomatoes and I'm hoping that you have the recipe to share??? Pretty please! I may not be able to sleep tonight until I am able to have some! Also, I'm curious to know what exactly you were standing on in able to get that angle on your picture (where your Pops was throwing deuces)!

  2. I'm mad because now I want Thanksgiving food again. :( Thank you for the food porn.

  3. Everything is so cute! Now I need a cupcake...

  4. i love me some food pics. those cupcakes are so freaking cute.

  5. It all looks so good, but those cupcakes are too cute!

  6. Yum, this looks so delicious and made me wish that I could relive my own Thanksgiving!!!