Yea. I'm still here.
a million points and $5 to Starbucks (not kidding) to the person who can name the movie that's from.

Here are some things I need more of in my life.

1. Blogging
I need it. I'm not good at it. But I do need it. I miss the whole writing for fun thing and you guys are cool. Along with blogging, I need to get to back to reading the blogs I love too. It's time consuming but I missss it.

2. Live Theater
Tom and I went to a show Saturday. It was called ONCE. Have you seen it? Well, have you seen the movie? See it. To be honest the play is better. But see it.

Quick Story: The play had one set, a bar. Before the show we were allowed to go up onto the stage and get drinks at that bar! HOW COOL RIGHT?! So we went up and hung out and had drinks (in sippy cups) and while we're up there drankin our dranks and the cast comes out and starts playing music! Great Irish music and they're singing and it's awesome and the show was awesome and YAY.

3. Date Nights
Living with your significant is hard. The people that say it's easy are liars or saints. It's SUPER difficult. We're working on it. And date nights help. Everyone needs a little bit of romance in their lives and we need a bunch of it. What are your favorite date nights?

4. Overnight Adventures
Kinda like date nights. But funner. We're in Hartford CT which, conveniently is half way between NYC and Boston. And there's a bunch of shit also close. We need a billion dollars for La's kennel fees but it's very doable. I also plan on looking into dog friendly hotels. Although Lao would be a douche about it.

I LOVE CRAFTS. And I have a lot that I want to do. I've thought about making an Etsy shop but I'm lazy. Also sometimes crafts are expensive. And also time consuming.

Ok so it really sounds like I need more time and money.. so anyone wanna help me out in those departments?

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