Weekend Getaway Packing

After pinning the packing pins from yesterday's post, I decided I would use them to inspire a better packing self.

I’m notorious for being an horrible packer. I can’t help it. I can n e v e r decide what to wear so when I pack I have to bring everything I might wear. Either that or I get overwhelmed and pack a bunch of things I like but that don’t even begin to work together to make an acceptable outfit.

One of my biggest problems is shoes. I love them. When we went to Vegas for a friend’s wedding a couple years ago I brought one suitcase of clothes, one suitcase of shoes and then made Tom take the dress bag with my dresses. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, we fly Southwest- bags fly fo free. Also when I say “a suitcase” I mean one of the extra large ones that extend out to fit more shit. I think I brought 12 pairs. Don’t you even judge. It’s Vegas. Plus a girl needs options.

I also like packing in advance. The longer the trip the further in advance I have to pack. Otherwise I have a full on anxiety attack. For real. Ask Tom aka Mr. Last Minute. I end up yelling and freaking out. Honestly I’ve probably cried over it.

When Tom and I do weekend trips he tries to rationalize with me- “We’re only there for 3 days.” “We’ll  be walking around the city all day, you won’t need 4 pairs of 5in heels” “You don’t need 3 different purses, you just end up bringing your wallet around anyway” “It’s going to be nice, I’m sure you won’t need your parka”

Poor kid. He tries so hard.
Lil being SUPER helpful

I think I did a good job for this weekend tho because I literally researched shit. Yes really. Weather, activities, general fashion mood (as far as the girls on the trip were concerned) and those pins that told me how to pack a weekender bag. Here’s what I ended up with:

I packed my JPK Paris Weekender via Rue La La (you have to sign up to look at the site but it's more than worth it, trust me! There is a similar one available now! $28 people!) It's bigger than my Longchamp Le Pilage which I used to use but this one fits more shit. Here's a pic to show you the size. (plus it comes with a dirty laundry bag!)

Here's what went in the bag (or on hangers)-

1.    Blazer
2.    Cardigan/Jean jacket
3.    Dress (night out)
4.    Cute tank
5.    Light sweater
6.    Colorful blouse
1.    Skinny jeans
2.    Maxi skirt
1.    Sperry Top Siders
2.    Bright colored wedges
3.    Dressy pumps
4.    Boots (jic it's colder. this weather is a bitch)

*note: I don’t have a jean jacket.. but if I did, I would have brought it instead of my cardigan..

Here is a pretty close version of what I'm packing that I put together since phone pics are pissing me off. The only not-true-to-life items are the jean jacket, and the polkadot sweater (but I loved it) Also! All the clothing items are under $50 and the shoes are all (except the Target wedges) at DSW so you can find them on sale!
Weekend Packing

Weekend Packing by easypeasyglam featuring sleeveless tops

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  1. I love the bag! I will def. have to check it out!

  2. The bag is seriously my favorite!! I think this is a good set of things to bring. I dread packing. My dad usually does it for me because he has a way to fit everything in one bag. Plants, shirts, flip flops...all in one suitcase! I love the paragraph about packing in advance! Thats how I am. I have a list though. With every item I'll need from head to toe. It makes for some anxiety but I ccouldnt live without it...total organizational freak here. My fiance on the other hand. if I let him he'll pack 5 minutes before leaving. His suitcase is smaller than mine (and mine is regular size) and he thinks he can just cram everything in. That is why I dont let him pack at all. happy me = a happy life!

  3. Oh I love this post! I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend trip to Boston and needed this inspiration! Thanks!

  4. Nicely done! That's a pretty good job for someone who has traveled with a separate shoe suitcase :)

  5. That back is cute. I definitely need something that packs more shit.. because I have a lot of it!

  6. Adriana! Thank you so much for finding me :) It looks like you're a CT girl as well, I don't want to get off to a too personal start, but where in the state do you live?? I love finding other CT bloggers and I can't wait to follow you!


  7. Impressive, my friend! I'm still the worst at packing and have no plans for reform any time soon. I literally pack every single shirt that I even LIKE at the time, just in case. Shoes I'm ok at, but tops? I bring them all.