From A Non-Dog Owner: A Brookey Guest Post

If ya'll are just checking in from the weekend, I'm off being in love and drinking a lot of wine I'll be back tomorrow but for now, I leave you in the capable and hilarious hands (she's hilarious.. not her hands..) of BROOKE!! I know you'll love her as much as I do.

She loves thumbs up. Reason 23789 I love her.

Hello, my favorite new people!

The name's Brooke and I blog over at Babbling Brookelyn, where I mostly babble about random crap - including music, fitness, food and my life in Portland. Can we talk about how excited I am to be taking over the blog, while Adriana is off playing!? 

Speaking of playing.... I really, really, realllllllly want a puppy to play with.  We all know Adriana has a mutt of a puppy that is both lovable and an asshole a handful all wrapped into one, big ass puppy. Her posts about Lily just fuel my desire to have one of my own.  Sadly, the apartment complex I currently live in does not allow dogs. How Rude! (Said in my best Michelle Tanner) 

So for the moment, I have this puppy instead: 

Meet, Rufus (no, not the dad from Gossip Girl).  He sits on my bookshelf at home. 

Since I can't get a puppy right now, I talk about them alllll.the.time. I just want one so badly. Even though a lot of people tell me to not get one. I mean I get it, they are a lot of work. They are expensive. They need a lot of attention. You can’t leave your house for more than a few hours at a time or they will pee all over everything you own. And don’t even think about taking a vacation once you get a puppy. They may even be  worse than as much work as having a child....almost. Not that I know what that's like.  They don't let me have a child. I am not mature enough for that kind of responsibility yet. 

So, instead of having a real puppy, I am forced to look at pictures of cute ones on pinterest all day. My life is so hard, feel bad for me.

And it has made me realize that there are a ton of reasons to get a puppy. I figured I could share 10 of them with you guys...

::10. Dogs make you get off your fat ass and exercise you them.

::9. You will always have someone who loves you. 
Who needs a man, when you have a puppy?! See ya, boyfriend.

::8. Dogs are great listeners. 
Sure, they can’t talk back, but they understand what you’re going through and they will be that sounding board you need.

::7. You have always have someone to shame and blame
It was obviously the dog that farted.

::6. They make great pillows.

::5. They will protect your home. 
Have you ever seen a cat guard a house?! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Cats are over here doing stupid crap like this: 

::4. You can dress them up! 

::3. They make great cuddlers.

::2. You can teach them tricks.
And not just sit and stay.

::1. I mean, look at this face!!! 
How could you not want a dog?!

This is my dream puppy. I LOVE BOXERS!

And one final note: 

I repeat, cats are useless. 


<3 BB

She's awesome right? Although she clearly has convinced every one of you to go get a dog. If I didn't have Lil the psychopath, I'd go out to the pound right now. But if you aren't gonna get a pup you may as well go visit her at Babbling Brookelyn and follow her on twitterinstagram and bloglovin!

And dont forget to link up with Carly, Kate and I tomorrow for for Behind Closed Doors! Were we're sharing all the outrageous stuff you can only learn about someone when that comfort level goes from comfort to "realllllly? Come on!"

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  1. Agreed, cats are useless. I think you have sound reasoning on all but #1, I wish my dogs helped get me off my ass. After getting a yard, it went downhill for all of us. I almost wish we didn't have one (a yard not dogs).

  2. Loved this. And in love with Jenna Marble's Kermit.

  3. Hi I'm Ginny a new blogger from NC! I just found your blog! I have a bulldog named Mr. Truck ....I talk a little bit on my blog about being a bulldog owner. I just started my blog so there isn't a lot on there regarding bulldogs yet but I agree that there are so many great resons to get a puppy. You definitely should! It will bring so much joy to your life.

    Cats are crazy....I just wrote a post about how I got bit by my cat and landed in the hospital.

    It's a very interestign story!

    Following you now!

    Ginny :)