Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

So I told you last week about the caprese bites I make for an easy appetizer. Welp, I have another one for you!

I <3 Goat Cheese. If that was a car magnet, I'd probably buy it. And yes, I did use the <3 to express my love.

Here's what else I love: pepperdew peppers. LUUUURVEE them.

goat cheese stuffed pepperdew peppers

One of my favorite restaurants that Tom and I go to had these as an app and then stop serving them. I was devastated, so I made my own!

What you'll need:
-goat cheese crumbles
-gutted pepperdew peppers (I get mine from the grocery store salad/olive bar)

What to do:
1. Fill those baby peps UP!

I fill the peppers loosely to the top. You can put more or less goat cheese in, whatever your feeling! I find loosely filling them gets the right combination of flavors.

goat cheese stuffed pepperdew peppers

1 comment:

  1. Goat cheese can do no wrong EVER in my book. I love how easy these are that you could get the peppers from the salad bar, too. Hope you had a great weekend!