I talked about needing more of some stuff, but I could also do with less in other areas. Less is more sometimes so I guess it's still more. HA mind b l o w n.

1. Stress
Story of everyone's life right? I've added more and more responsibility to my position at work. It's great and I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying it and my boss is awesome and my coworkers are awesome and I'm stressed out of my mind. How do you destress? Usually it's wine for me. But a lot of times it's lashing out and being short with people (or dogs) that don't deserve it. I need to work on alleviating some of that stress in healthy ways.

2. Shopping
Yea shopping is SUPER fun. But clearly expensive. I'm on poshmark and it's helped curb my shopping additcion but Target and Marshalls WILL be the death of me (my bank account). I need to make more lists and stick to them. Groceries included. I end up getting cookies and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

3. Late Nights
I'm not much of a morning person and I end up staying up late way too often. Usually because Tom puts on some stupid show or movie i.e. National Treasure and I stay up through the whole thing and then it's one in the morning. And then it's seven in the morning and then I have to go to work and then I want to die.  Maybe just less Nicholas Cage?

4. Shit Food
I've been trying to eat better lately. It's mostly working. Not completely. I'm pinteresting the shit out of healthy stuff. And its not bad or hard to do. It's just annoying. Plus Oreos are tasty as hell. I am all about salads and gluten free whatevs but it's hard to stay on top of cooking and all. I'm making excuses. I just need to not suck.

5. Laziness
Mostly with keeping in touch with people. Because I'm horrible at it. But also not sit on my ass all day and night. Besides the whole thing about doing more, I feel like doing "more" seems exhausting but doing less seems easier. So if I need to be less lazy, it seems not as bad as being more active. Wow I am lazy huh?

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