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There are certain things that make you feel like an adult.
Some of those things include paying bills and having a 401k.

Another thing would be owning a boss ass watch.

I know you've all pinned those Kate Spade and Michael Kors watches and you're drooling over all of it. Except there are some issues..

Everyone's got one. Will it match everything? IT'S HOW MUCH?! And then I'll have to probably remove links and I'll have to pay for that tooooo. AND WAAAHHH.

Guys. Calm your shit. I got your solution. JORD. Ok so relax if you don't recognize the name because
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YUP. Freaking adorable.

What? It looks like wood? WELL IT FUCKING IS. AND IT'S AWESOME.
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Not your style? HOLD THE EFFING PHONE. There are a billion choices! Ok I'm exaggerating. But there are a bunch and they're so cute.

So here's the deal. I'm kind of obsessed with mine. Like, extra obsessed.
And it's not just because it's boss. (although it totally helps) But they're unique and stylish and fun and easy to wear and match with and people complement me on it all the time and I'm actually able to read analog time now.
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I was looking at watches for a long time and I had a lot of issues. Mostly tho, that I couldn't choose between gold and white ceramic and I couldn't afford either. Then JORD came into my life and I fell in love.

Ok so enough about my watch (kinda) because I may start a collection. I love all of these:

Here's the deal: The watches aren't free.99 but you're an adult. If you're going to get a watch that isn't from Family Dollar you're going to pay more than $13. Plus, if you want a watch that looks phenom and will get you a trazillion (exact number) of compliments, you gotta go with JORD.

They size the watch for you when you order which means it's ready to wear when it arrives! And you'll want to wear it that day and every other day ever. They're watches that are casual for brunching and fun things but they look professional for work.

Also- don't stress about getting it wet. I mean don't go scuba diving or give your dog a bath or anything, but I was really worried about it at first when washing my hands or doing some rinsing off of dishes. It's all good!

I know Father's Day is coming up and they have killer men's watches too! And if you visit their #jordwatch page, you can see how tons of people styled their JORD watches. So go check them out and let me know what you think!

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