My Adventures In Beer Drinking

I'm not a beer person. Not that there is anything wrong with people who are, in fact most of my friends are. But I like my wine. I'll take a glass of wine most hours of a day even if it isn't socially acceptable.

Here's the thing, Tom's a beer person. And his best friends are beer people. His best friends are also spread out all over the U.S.

So one of them found out about this app called UNTAPPD.

Tom got the app so he could share his drinking with his friends. Then he made me get it so I could keep track of the different types of beers I liked.

It's actually really cool. And if you're trying to break into the whole craft beer scene but you normally just drink Bud Light Limes, you need it.

You can follow people and "toast" them and comment on their check-ins.

Plus you get badges for getting unique check-ins. So depending on the beers you check-in to and when you do so and where you're checking in, you get these sweet badges!

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