Social Media Fueled Depression

Are you on Facebook? Of course you are. Because everyone and their mom and their BABY and their DOG are on Facebook.

Everyone complains about seeing baby pictures and statuses about bad breakups and overly ignorant people sharing articles that are FAR too politically/racially/etc charged to be a good idea. I'm right there with you.

Here's the thing tho- it's never going to get better. Really. I'm not being pessimistic it's just the deal with social media. Everyone's got a voice and either you can listen (or read) or you can unfollow, unfriend and block all those people.

I'm on social media a lot. Particularly Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I used to get super depressed about some of the stuff I was seeing though. It's like everyone I went to college with was KILLIN' IT. Like sick jobs, great lives and everyone's so fucking happy.

And then I'm all well I'm not going to post anything because I don't go to conferences in Las Vegas or vacation in Europe for a month at a time or have gorgeous babies in a 9 bedroom house overlooking a picturesque beach or have a quadrillion dollar camera to make my life look better than it is.

How misssssserable?!

Here's what I did: I unfriended, unfollowed, or blocked all the people that made me feel like my life wasn't good enough. Why?

because my life kicks ass.

Not all the time, and sometimes it kicks my ass but it's great. I have a wholeeee ton of shit going on but so do all those people on Facebook. And they shouldn't be making me feel like my life isn't good enough, and they're probably not TRYING to make me feel that way.

So take a second while you're scrolling thru you social media feeds today and think "whatevs, I'm killing it." you're going to feel so much better. And I swear your day becomes more productive.


  1. I have unfollowed a few people who posts make me depressed. You're right even if we aren't doing all that we still have pretty great lives

  2. I have had to have a 'come to Jesus" moment with myself too on the comparison thing on social media. screw it - I'm awesome :)

  3. I gotta be honest, I unfollowed my mom. She posts constantly about booze and "rising above the negativity", which I just can't handle, so I unfollowed that shit so she has no clue I don't see all of it.