10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have By 30

In October, Tom turned 30. Weird right? I mean I guess it's not that weird but 30 seemed so old like 4 years ago and now it's like it is coming any day!

Well I'm 26 so I got 4 years left.

WhoWhatWear wrote this article a billion years ago and I had this floating in my drafts and figured why naht? You can learn a little bit about me and also kill time that you would otherwise have spent working

1. A Trench Coat
I have a purple one that I got at Marshalls. It's amazing. It's a tiny bit too big tho and I never wear it. Great buy, I know. I don't think that's the kind of 30 year old maturity that article was about. P.S. that coat is now on poshmark..

2. A Respectable Luggage Set
Yea, I don't have that. I'm assuming I'll get one eventually. Maybe when I actual travel anywhere, ever. I'm not that worried about this tho, I have more important stuff to pay for. i.e. rent and dog food.

3. A Made-By-You Vintage T-Shirt
Completely random. Why should everyone have that? I mean I have one. I got it my freshman year in high school for my field hockey team. It's a long sleeve tee (which I really love) and I've worn it thin. It's got holes and paint on it but it's wonderful and comfy.

4. A Gift To Yourself
Mikimoto pearl earrings. I had to. They're my fav and I wear them everyday. Also I just bought myself a ring so I'm set for a while. I also buy clothes I don't need all the time. I don't really understand this one.

5. A Signature Accessory
LIKE DOG HAIR FOR EXAMPLE?! My pearl earrings. I don't know how signature that is, more like my go-to accessory.

6. A Go-To Interview Blazer
Well I didn't realize there was a specific genre of blazers. But I'm not interviewing. Unless the instagram account manager for Kate Spade is an open position. And a dress would be more appropriate for that interview.

7. Solitaire Diamond Earrings
Yea that'd be great. I'm pretty sure I don't need these.. I mean, Tom if you're reading, then I do need them.

8. A Sexy Set Of Lingerie
Tom's family reads this so.. I don't believe in sex until marriage.

9. A Designer Wallet
Well I do have a wallet. I actually have multiple wallets. I feel like this should say credit card. Or possibly a bank account?

10. A Lipstick Shade That Suits You
This is just never gonna happen. I actually bought 2 wet n wild (yes, that brand still exists, and not just for preteens) and they were 99 cents each. I'm still failing at it tho. (damn you Tay and your "red lip classic" thing) I'm gonna stick with Burt.

Ok so here's the moral of this story: IGNORE THIS LIST. You can have whatever you want by 30. I mean if you're happy, or at least trying to be happy then you're killin' it. Haters gonna hate.


  1. #8 haha... perfect response young lady :)

  2. Mike turns 30 this year... terrifying and not a fan. We only have respectable luggage because his parents had like 4 sets. I am so bad at lipstick, so I agree with #10... and #8 hahahaha!