Happiness Is..

I've watched two movies recently about happiness.

1. the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2. Hector and the Search For Happiness

I'm particular about my movies. I want movies with magic and unicorns and princesses and most certainly happy endings. I HATE UNHAPPY ENDINGS.

Both these movies are happy ending movies. And they're both about the search for happiness.

Here's the deal: you can totally read the rest of this and leave comments with your opinion. Either telling me that I'm an ass or that I'm so right. Or you can just go watch those movies.

It's kinda elusive you know? Especially when you're an adult. I mean bills? That sucks. And work?! I actually like my job. For real, I really like my job. But I'm in an office all day and that's lame. But I work with people I genuinely love. (including one of my best friends and Tom!)

I have a great boyfriend. He phenom. We absolutely do not see eye to eye all the time. Really most of the time, we have completely different views on things. But he makes me a better person. And he loves me and I love him.

Lily is adorable and probably loves me way more than I can imagine. She listens to me.. mostly. But she's expensive as fuck. And she's a dick a lot of the time. She hates people. And now apparently dogs. And she's got puppy allergies that cost us a billion dollars.

Raptors are Lil's spirit animal. 

My friends are the greatest people in the world. They're supportive and hilarious and I never laugh as much as when I'm with them. Buy they're spread out all over the place. Boston, Dallas, California, Denver, New Jersey. But when we talk or when I see them, it's like we've never been apart.

I'm guessing this was before senior year in high school. I have the same friends so that's sweet.

And then there is family. Everyone's got their family shit. And I totally have my fair share. But I am super lucky to have great people around. And I'm beyond lucky to have Tom's OUTRAGEOUSLY amazing family. Love is abundant with that family of mine. Official family or otherwise.

When I think about being happy I think about those things.

I also think about getting into bed after a longggg day. Or taking your heels off at the end of a full night of dancing. Or the first sip of a margarita on a nice day. Or that first day that you can feeeeel the sun on your in the summer.

And when I get a great find at an amazing deal on Poshmark. And when I find Kate Spade shoes at Marshalls on sale.

There is a TON of shit that makes me happy. And SO much of it is fleeting! Isn't that crazy?

So my moral of this whole shit, is that happiness is different for everyone. I think in general though, it's following your feelings.

Yea, that sounds super sappy but whatever. Happiness is important. And you can't chase it, but when you find it, hold on to it. Bathe in it.

Also if you ever find a massive pink and purple stuffed unicorn, Buy it.

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  1. So easy to let happiness pass you by anymore... but you gotta chase it & keep after it.

    ... & now I want a fluffy pink unicorn... & I must quote Despicable Me now... ITS SO FLUFFYYYYYY!!!!