Work Party Appropriate One Piece Bathing Suits

I work at a small company and we're all pretty close. And by "we're all" I mean like 6 people.

This Saturday, my boss (who kicks ass) is having a party at her house. There will be a bunch of people there. A bunch of work people.

So here's the thing- she has a pool. Now it's like, I'm not trying to be all teeny-tiny-bikini-ing.

Besides the fact that I should not be wearing that (by "that" I mean a teeny, tiny bikini, not one made of paper but really, either) under any circumstance, it's a work party and it's just awkward. So I decided on my one-piece pineapple suit from J. Crew from a while ago. It's sold out now tho.

Cute right?

So I was thinking about where to find work or family party appropriate suits. I did some digging for you and you're welcome.

coral one shoulder / mesh insert / bright geometric print / black ruffle
galaxy print / mint ruffle / high waist leopard / floral

There are totally options that are work/fam approps without losing all your fun side! I picked ones that we're all easy (mostly) on the wallet. And I've added all of them to my cart on the various websites. Plus I have a Target card, so I get free shipping and 5% off. SHOPPING SPREE.


  1. This is such a tricky situation! We have a big gala every year with our board members and donors, and the second day has a huge pool party. I have to try A. to look appropriate and B. not to get totally wasted (but with open bar, it's so hard!! haha). I love that pineapple one you bought!

  2. I would die having to be in a bathing suit in front of my co workers. I also would rather slit my wrists then hang out with them out of work.
    I love the black with the sheer pieces!