Lily's BRF

I know yesterday's post was not my usual subject matter or tone. And I don't want to just right back into craziness so I'll give you a silly pup story.

Tom plays baseball in a summer Twilight league. I try to bring Lil to the games when I can/ when I have the energy.

So last year at their home field she got into the habit of playing with rocks. Any rock she could find.

Usually rocks that were about the size of a fun sized candy bar. Which is terrifying because if she swallowed it, we'd all be screwed.

So we went to one field this year that had a enclosed batting cage so I just took Lil in there thinking I could throw her ball and she wouldn't go rock treasure hunting. Well she just wanted to pick up EVERYTHING because it was gravel. Good call on my part right?

While I'm trying to get her to give a fuck about her ball (which is absurd because that's ALL she cares about at home) she started really digging at a rock. I'm thinking I'll dig it out and throw it so she can't play with it. But then I go over and it's like a goddamn iceberg.

I dig around it and pull it out and Lil is ELATED. It's like best day ever! She had found her BRF. Best Rock Forever.

And now, like an asshole, I have to bring this damn rock to every baseball game. People are all like "oh is that her ... ball...?" And I'm all "no it's a fucking rock because my dog is mental."

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She doesn't want to play with it at home. Not that we'd let her. But as soon as we get to a game she mauls my bag until I give it to her. And then she rolls around and pushes it around and drags me across the damn bleachers.

She acts like the damn things alive and she MUST DESTROY IT.

She's a nut job. I guess she fits in.


  1. What a crazy pup! I saw that video on IG and definitely had a good laugh. I just saw yesterday's post, I'm so sorry about your grandmother's dog.

  2. THat's so funny! I have never seen a dog get excited by rocks.