So This Is Me

I'm not good at this page, so here's my deal.

I'm really picky about the movies I watch and not picky at all about what I eat. 
I'm supppper impatient and curse a whole bunch. 
I have grand dreams of going places and doing things but I'm not great at self-motivating.

My boyfriend's name is Tom. I live with him and our dog Lily who is a complete douche.
(That is, Lil is the douche. Not Tom. Tom's pretty great)

oddly enough, neither of them are Mexican

I like sparkly things and Unicorns and basically anything that's tiny.
I am partial to sarcasm and appreciate puns more than the average person.
I will only use Burt's Bees chapstick and still haven't figured out this whole red lip thing.

I have boxed wine in my fridge and always have tots in the freezer.
I can recite Planet Earth word for word along with David Attenborough.
If I'm being honest, I'm into the Captain America type with a splash of Ironman.

I have a recurring nightmare that I'm stuck in my house which is surrounded by lioness'
I'm not a writer (clearly) but this shit is fun.
I spend entirely too much time on pinterest.

I only eat pancakes if they are chocolate chip.
I guess I lied about not being picky about food.
I'm happier when I'm tan.

If you made it to this point and you still want to hear what I have to say then I guarantee (another about me fact: I NEVER spell guarantee right. EVER.) we will get along famously.


  1. Hey sweet girl! I saw that you started following me on Instagra last night so with a couple clicks I'm now here on your blog! :) Looking forward to getting to know you! Started following you through GFC & on Bloglovin'!

    xo, Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls

    1. I did! I'm glad you came to check things out here, and on Instagram. I followed you too :) With your blog name, I knew I'd be coming back to it again and again! Hope you enjoy reading!!

  2. I just had to stop by when I saw the name of your blog! It's the truth, it really is. We have collies and hair, hair everywhere!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. As soon as I saw your blog name on The Hartungs sponsor spotlight, I knew I had to check it out immediately! I love finding fellow crazy dog mom/bloggers like myself!

    Amanda @ The Sequined Spaniel

  4. Just found your adorable little corner of the blog world.
    You had me at "dog hair". ;)

  5. Immediately had to follow your blog when I read the title of your blog. Dog hair is a permanent accessory in my life, as well, AND our puppies name is Lily as well!!! We have a ton of crazy nicknames for her, too!
    Can't wait to follow along!

  6. So excited to have found your blog! Our pup is shedding like a mad dog with the summer heat, so dog hair has definitely become an accessory! Excited to read more- newest follower! :)


  7. I just found your blog and the stories about Lil remind me of our 3 boxers. No matter what, someone is always trying to swallow something. I truly believe one of the little suckers is part billie goat, because he can and will chew threw any f-ing thing!

  8. Another one here who was intrigued by your blog title! Fellow dog mama, rescue advocate, and constantly battling hair! :) Lily is soooo cute!!

  9. Lily is a cutie! She looks a bit like my mutt Fifty :)

  10. I found your blog through Simply Clarke and the name of your blog and your photo had me intrigued. You definitely look like you have love for life like myself. I just bought an ad for my blog and another for my Etsy shop.. =)

  11. Scrolling down the blog of Simply Clarke ...... I see your button! I had to do a double look and reread the title! And I have to say... I LOVE IT! Dog hair is an accessory! So unique and true! LOL!

  12. Hi there! I found your blog for NE Bloggers :) You have such a cute family and your blog name is genius!

  13. Hi,
    Really enjoyed your blog… fun, funny.. great energy. Are you guys from NY?

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  15. How did I only just find you on Bloglovin'??? So stinking cute!! IG is next, love having another Northeast doggie momma to follow!

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