6 Moments I Wish I Had Cable

Ok so I was gonna write a different post today but then I saw all the #PLL tweets and I couldn't handle it.

Last night it was pretty little liars.

Sunday night it was the VMAs

Like 3 months ago it was that guy tight roping or motorcycle jumping the grand canyon. I don't know the specifics.

Why don't I know the specifics? I don't have cable.

And like 95% of the time I love that! I mean I blog and now I'm designing so I have a ton of things to do on a nightly basis. I've cut down "my shows" to Once Upon A Time (judge me if you want. I love that show) and True Blood.

How do I watch True Blood? Sunday night dinners at Tom's parents. And OUAT (yeaa we have an acronymn too) I watch the day after on the abc.com app.

Sometimes tho, I feel left out. And in those moments I miss cable.

1. Awards Shows
VMA's is really all I need for support on this one. I missed Miley's epic (fail) performance. That was an issue since I'm supposed to be a blogger with a social media obsession and it's my job to know shit about what's going on in the world. Except I don't because, welp, no cable.

2. Prime Time Shows
Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Walking Dead, I don't know what other shows are the "it" shows. I don't keep up with any of them. It's too hard and wayyyy too much work to stay on top of all those shows if I can't watch them in the background of something else I'm doing. But it means I can't be a part of all these ridic conversations

3. Sports Games
Not even the Superbowl. Tom's a Red Sox fan. I'm a.. well I watch whatever people are watching. But I do enjoy watching sports and I can't do that (really Tom's the one having the issue) but I can't keep up!

4. Shark Week
I mean, I posted not once, but twice about Shark Week but I only caught glimpses of it because of my lack of cable. Alyssa even said she and her finace ended up with cable because of Shark Week. I mean if there was ever a reason, that's it

5. Commercials
I know it sounds absolutely stupid but people talk about commercials ALL THE TIME. You haven't noticied? Oh. It's because you have cable too and you're doing it just like everyone else. No I didn't realize the camel humpday meme was from a commercial, I DON'T HAVE CABLE.

6. RHW of every city ever
I used to watch RHWOC religiously. The second (I think) season came out while I was in college and got free cable. I loved it. Before Gretchen. Before there was a RHA or RHNY or whatever the fuck they are on now. But now, everyones like "blah blah Slade's brother looks like a donkey blah blah" and I'm sitting here like.. I remember when Vicki was married and had 2 kids in the house.. and Shane was the hot one everyone drooled over.

So that's that. It's still not worth paying for it because I have a serious truffle fry habit. But there are moments I wish I had cable. So I could be in on all the conversations and jokes.

And now, I wanna introduce you to a lady who's been on my side bar all month and I think she's pretty freakin' neat.

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging almost 2 years ago. It doesn’t seem like that long though because for pretty much the first year, I didn’t really get into it. I occasionally read other blogs, I rarely commented and didn’t really interact with other bloggers. And I blogged like 6 times a month. Oops. 

I started blogging because I needed an outlet. I love writing and was a journalism major in college, but was doing absolutely nothing in terms of writing (Writing grants doesn’t count. Those are no fun). So I started Life After Athens. A week or so after I started the blog, my husband proposed- so there was a definite shift from just living in the city post grad to wedding planning and life as a newlywed!

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
I think my favorite post I wrote was this one on Why I Suck at Being a Girl. It’s a post that so much describes who I am. Plus, I like to think I’m funny- and I feel like this post captures that.

Meet My Bloggy Little! Go Check Her Out!


  1. I totally see what you mean!! I didn't even know that the VMA's took place >.<
    But in Europe it's difficult to watch those things, like American Football, I love it!!! (Gooooo 49ers!!)^^ But here you can see the games just in the middle of the night and I am not always capable of staying up all the time :(

  2. I wish I DIDN'T have cable.. what a money saver!!!

  3. Haha yes! I don't have cable either and I'm right here with you on this!


  5. I don't have cable and I don't seem to miss it. I have Netflix and Hulu so I can watch my shows. The only show I miss is The Walking Dead, but it goes on Netflix eventually. :)

  6. Bit of advice. Get apple TV. If you have an ipad, you can mirror your ipad to your television and watch anything from the internet on TV! :)

  7. LOL i totally have to agree on the RHW of any city!


  8. I wish we could get rid of cable. It's such a waste of time and money!

  9. Sometimes I wish I didn't have it! Time and money saver fo sho. Even with cable I only watch RHW of everything on your list - it's definitely more for Jake. I think I could give it up but not him!

  10. We don't have cable either- someone got us a Roku for our wedding...so we have Netflix and Hulu, as well as Amazon instant and HBO go thanks to my awesome brother in law. I really don't miss it...only for the food network and bravo...

    And yay!! Excited to be on your blog today:)

  11. I don't have cable either, just netflix so I'm always behind the times! But it doesn't bother me! I also hate hate hate commercials so I love getting to watch shows without them - I don't think I could handle watching a show on cable!

  12. I wish we didn't rely on cable so much. It would save us so much money every month. But like you said gotta have those sports!

  13. Hahaha. I feel you, man. Ours doesn't get installed for another few days, and the last few weeks have been just awful.

  14. high 5 Tom, GO RED SOX!
    wait, commercials are only on cable?
    i feel you on not wanting to pay for it, ours is $200+ a month and every month i bitch about it but i just can't let it go!

  15. haha... I would be lost without my Real Housewives... all of them... except those Miami crazy chics...

  16. I've been thinking of getting rid of cable and just using Hulu and Netflix. I spend WAY too much on cable... but I live alone and need to watch my college sports. If I went to a bar to watch them I'd probably spend even more!

  17. I didn't have cable for years, now i do and I rarely watch it!

  18. Since I beat Comcast into submission, I will continue to have cable for at least 2 more years.

  19. We might as well not have cable for how little we watch and how expensive that shit is. The only thing I watch on your list is Real Housewives and football, so I guess I gotta keep it around for at least a little longer!

  20. i mean this probably goes against the blogger handbook but the real housewives show is totally overrated. live sports on the other hand. i would miss that

  21. I would be lost without RHW on my DVR every week..but the VMA thing? I was only thankful for being able to watch it for the 2 minute NSYNC and that's about it.

  22. My husband tries to convince me all the time to get rid of our cable. I told him Bravo prevents me doing this and he better not touch my DVR. I bet I would be a whole lot more productive if I axed it!

  23. I can't even tell you how much I love this post. My other half cut our cable bill in half.. which is all fine and dandy until you realize he got rid of ALL of the GOOD channels. Prepare for bullet, well line, points:
    - My Facebook blew up about Miley's performance and I had no clue what everybody was talking about.. thankfully one friend posted a link to the video.
    - Prime time tv is amazing, and I miss it.
    - I wanted to watch Shark Week SO FREAKING BAD.. but wouldn't ya know it.. the mister got rid of that channel too.

  24. I don't have cable either an 99% of the time I'm really happy about it because I'm saving money and forcing myself to keep myself busy with things other than tv but every once in awhile I wish for it. Luckily I grew up without it so I am used to being years behind on the "it shows" and awards shows and performance disasters. That's what YouTube and Netflix and Hulu are for right?!

  25. Haha, I lived this summer without cable and just got it in my new apartment - I MISSED IT SO MUCH!! I can definitely feel your pain.

    <3, Charlotte