Dead Beat Kitten Mommy, Katie Qué

Today I am leaving my blog in the hands of Katie. I found Katie through, wait for ittttt, Tom. Yup. Tom went to college with a kid who is good friends with Katie and would repost her blog on his facebook. Once I started really blogging Tom mentioned I should check her out. So I did. And I stalked loved her. And now here she is. Talking about her kitten and her super great kitten mom skills

Hello future internet friends!

I'm Katie Qué (pronounced "K", like the Spanish word for "what." See that accent there? It's very ethnic. I however am not ethnic at all, but I wish I were. This parenthetical is getting too long.). I've been blogging for a while now but this is my first time ever writing a guest post. I feel very very lucky that Adriana trusts me on her blog what with my bad-fucking-habit of swearing. So thanks, Adriana.

Since I'm obsessed with my asshole angel of a cat, Boo, I thought a tall tails post would be the best way to start off my guest posting career.


However, before I do that, I want everyone out there to know that there is more to me than just cats. At this point in my life the only time any of my friends post on my Facebook wall is when they have discovered a new cat gif or feline performance art (seriously though: But I do a lot more than sit alone in my apartment with my cat, ok? I also drink. And eat cheese. And, every once in a while, I even talk to someone of the opposite sex. So what I'm saying is that I'm a very well rounded person.

You should also know that, despite my obsession with Boo, I'm kind of the worst pet mom ever. I leave him alone for days on end; I come home drunk and ravenous; and then I try to buy his love with treats and toys.

Can't buy me love.

But as any deadbeat mom will tell you, that never works. In fact, it only causes more problems. For instance, Boo now has a catnip dependency. The other day, he hit that shit so hard that he became totally paranoid and was absolutely terrified of going in my room. For a while, I thought this was because there was a mouse or something horrible hiding under my bed, but after thoroughly investigating my room, my roommate and I determined there was nothing there.

Ghost busters.

Ultimately, we decided that Boo was just having a bad trip, so naturally, I then screamed at him, "You're high! You're high in my house!" So often I remind myself of Babs from Teen Mom. 

Anytime an episode like this happens, my roommate says, "It's going in the book." And by that she means Boo's inevitable memoir, which will be aptly titled, A Child Called Boo. Look for it in stores circa 2016. 

anddddddddddddd that's why I love Katie. Go stalk the shit out of her. (I did and that's why we're friends) Find her at all these social media outlets because she's real social. Mostly.

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  1. Loving the Babs reference. Perfect.

  2. I die at the Babs reference! I literally could hear her saying you're high!

  3. "bad-fucking-habit of swearing" .. SOLD! going to follow/stalk now :)

  4. hello my future girlfriend, can we have a pet together?