Meet Merk

So y'all know I'm off being fancy as fuck at a horse race with my big floppy hat and my VIP passes to mint julep city. While I'm gone I want you to meet Merk. She's great. She's funny, adorable and has a dog I would totally trade Lil for. I mean whaaaa?

1 introduce yourself!
My name is Merchon and I am the little blogger over at Merk and her Mastiff. I am from upstate New York, but for work I get to travel all over! I am actually really excited to set up some blates! Hit me up if you're interested!
2 why did you start blogging?
I graduated with a teaching degree, but wasn't able to find a full time job. Back in November, I started working for my Dad's company as a sales woman. I was excited/nervous/anxious/doubtful/pumped about starting a new job in an area I didn't have the slightest clue about, so I thought I would write about it. In my company, there are very few women, so I thought it would be interesting to write about it from a young females perspective. It became pretty boring pretty quickly, so now I write about all sorts of stuff, which normally includes an obnoxious amount of pictures of my dog.
This is Beef, my 2 year old St Bernarnd/Mastiff. He is my furbaby, and I am unapologetically obsessed. Probably why I was immediately drawn to the wonderful lady I am guest posting for.

3 what's one thing all your readers should know about you?
My advice to anyone is to travel to Europe. Or to travel alone. OOOR to travel alone to Europe. Like I did last summer. Literally the most amazing experience of my LIFE. seriously do it. Now. Through Contiki. They are incredible. NOW!!
4 what's your favorite post you've written so far?
Sometimes I have a turn a little Dr. Phil, sometimes I wish I was a fitness blogger, and in my head my posts tend to be a lot funnier than when they actually come out. The post I am most proud of and also had the most fun doing was this post, where I ranked the sexiest athletes. I did my due diligence and researched as many sexy athletes as I could find, then had to decide which were my favorite. Such a tough life as a blogger.
My second favorite post was actually my guest post from my sister, here. She is the real writer of the family. She has such a way with words that I could only dream of. She is also living the life that so many of us who graduated college have lived. She just got a job as the write for a news anchor. You go girl!!

5 who would you want to be your celeb BFF
My first thought is Lauren from the Hills. Only because #retroMTV has been on. Nerd alert. On second thought, Beyonce is my celeb crush. Partially because she is with Jay Z. Not gunna lie, if he walked in with a ring, I would be all like "Ryan who?" Sorry that is awful.

6 who are your daily reads?
If you haven't read Venus trapped in Mars, drop whatever you are doing and read it now. I got into blogging thanks to Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg, and I die every time I read It got weird.

7 what's your most used movie quote?
"You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!"
can't help loving wedding crashers.

8 what's the best part about having a dog?
If you locked your best friend and your dog in your trunk and opened it 3 hours later, who would be the happiest to see you?
photo (66)
9 what's the worst part about having a dog?
Would it be weird to order a professional pooper scooper?
Beef has the worlds worst farts. Hand DOWN.

10 what's the most important thing you have in your purse?
Well, I am broke, so it is not money.....
I would die if any one stole my Micharl Kors wallet. My boyfriend bought it for me and I wish my boyfriend was Michael Kors. sorry...... I love everything he comes out with.

I would love to see you over on my little blogish sort of thing if you like what I have said. Let me know and I will check you out as well. Thanks for listening to my randomness!!


  1. god that is one of my fav wedding crasher's quotes too, which is saying something, because i can pretty much quote that entire movie.

  2. What a great intro, I will have to go check out her blog!

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