Tall Tails: Lil + Auntie L, BFF

I don't know about your dogs but our dog knows people's names.

Lil knows "daddy" aka Tom, "mom" aka me, "friends" aka kennel, "Oscar" aka my grandmother's dog and the most exciting name to mention,


I think Lil likes Tom's sister L wayyyy better than Tom or I. We ask if she wants to "go see Auntie" and she goes fucking ballistic. 

L is a puppy person thru and thru and instantly bonded with Lil. I think Lil is her spirit animal. 

She does what all auntie's should. Shower Lil with cookies, pet her whenever she's around, dote over how cute she is.

She even took care of Lil while Tom and I were in Dallas for a week (while babysitting her family dog at the same time in the same house!) She's basically Lil's biggest fan.

Even after eating those Uggs she has on, Auntie still loved her little neicey. Even (more accurately, especially) when she's had a few glasses of wine, L is the "fun aunt." She wants Lil to have what she wants. Including cuddles on the couch during sleepovers.

The trouble is, Auntie is leaving. She and her husband are moving to Santa Barbara. They will only be there a few years, but Lil will miss her like cray. Don't get me wrong, when I need Lil to do something, I'll still say, "OK! Wanna go see Auntie!?" even tho it's incredibly unfair.

Lil, Tom and I will be at their family cottage all next week enjoying some beach time and relaxation. This year, Lil won't have her Auntie there with her tho and I know she'll be immeasurably upset by it. They snuggle so often and play so much that Lil will undoubtedly be confused about where Auntie is. 

L and Lil are basically BFF and I know that each of them will miss the other so much! What L doesn't realize is that we're already looking into shipping costs for cross continental puppy trips. We wouldn't mind a staycation while Lil and L enjoy each others company. Thursday night we say goodbye to Auntie and Uncle and it will be a sad night. Although I don't think we could go too long without a visit.

ALSO! Yesterday was #NationalDogDay. I didn't know til I checked Instagram. then I spent literally a half hour having a selfie photo shoot with Lil. So if you didn't know yesterday was National Dog Day, then celebrate today and give your pup a hug and kiss!

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  1. Cute! Everyone needs the 'fun aunt'! And I totally failed on national dog day. Oops. Good thing the dogs don't know... ;)

  2. Ahhh so cute!! Winnie does this same thing when we say "Wanna go see Grandma?!"

  3. fred knows names too! and the sounds of cars. I know i say it always, but I'm saying it again...I love lil!!!

  4. My dogs definitely know 'names' & who every person is... so smart...

    I didn't know it was National Dog day until Instagram too - my 4 dogs won't let me live that down :)

  5. AW! Poor Lil! My Hounds know names, but bribing them by using places, "Want to go to Daycare? Ready to go home?" works so much better :)

  6. Aw I'm sorry her auntie is leaving! Hawkeye is sad without her auntie Tara too. She was bonkers when Tara came back to visit.

  7. Awww sorry that Lil is going to be missing her Auntie! It's crazy how dogs know people like that!

  8. First I am so jealous that she is moving to Santa Barbara!! So beautiful (and good reason to visit her!). Finn def knows names but the one he goes craziest for is "mama" :) Which is because DUH it's me!!

  9. i celebrated national dog day by googling pics of puppies, because i don't have one of my own yet!

  10. Those pictures are soooo cute!

    And I definitely use 'Do you wanna go see daddy?' all the time to get Joey to listen to do what I want. I feel like a jerk when she doesn't actually get to see him, but it works every time.

  11. Awww, sounds like they're really going to miss each other!