Design Services Giveaway!

At 6:00pm today, my vaca starts and I'm so freakin pumped about it.
Although I will be doing someeee bloggy things and definitely some design things, it will be a breath of fresh air from working in a stuffy office!
Since I get to be all excited and happy, and since it is a long weekend for everyone anyway, I'm offering 25% off all ad spaces!


AND not only am I having an ad space sale, I'm also giving away a custom blog design from my design site Case Of The Sparkles Designs! If you don't need a full design, you can pick up to 3 elements you'd like me to design for you! And because I only do full designs for Blogger but if you're on Wordpress I don't want to leave you out- SO if you're a Wordpress person, I will give you a "Face Lift" (header and about me sidebar, with social media) AND 2 blog buttons! If you just had a redesign don't worry! Save this win for when you're in the mood for change!
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and now to introduce another lovely lady! Jessica is such a sweet girl and I'm so happy to sponsor her. She's a LV native.. yes! People actually live in Vegas!

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1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started my first blog when I was getting married to connect with other brides to be and find cool things for the wedding. When the upcoming marital bliss fell apart, I scrapped that blog and started a new one… Just centered on me. Mocha Fox is the third blog I've had and the first one that truly reflects myself.

2. What is your favorite post you've written and why?
It's hard to choose since I love so many of my photography posts… I do love this shoot I did not too long ago but this post gives you a pretty good look of how I am.

3. You have THREE dogs! One is a handful, how do you do it?!?
I've always loved animals and I'm so use to always having a menagerie of pets so three dogs comes easy to me! I can't wait to someday have a whole pack of dogs following me around the house!

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  1. Woo hoo!! Enjoy your vacay, pretty lady!

  2. I wish I was going in vacation! Instead I just moved into a new hub at the mothership, the bright I have a window now!!

  3. Do I get an extra entry because I was already following you on ALL THE THINGS? i think i should. just kidding, i hope you have a faaaaaaaaabulous vacation!

  4. Woohoo hope you had a great vacay!

  5. Oh No!! I want to enter the giveaway but it won't let me!! Any suggestions?