Announcing: Behind Closed Doors, A Link Up

Happy Humpday! I usually do my pinteresting tings today BUT I have some exciting news!

I’m sooooo pumped to announce that Carly, Kate and I are going to be hosting a one day link up!!

This all started when I posted about how people drinking milk makes me uncomfortable. Kate commented on it and we emailed back and forth about it a few times. Then I made a comment on twitter that started things off there. Carly responded to the tweet and we proceeded to clog all your twitter feeds with our scheming.

We thought/talked about all the weird shit our significant others do and how funny it would be to share those things! So we came up with Behind Closed Doors!

The truth comes out when you are no longer putting your best foot forward. Some say it's getting too comfortable, some say it's letting yourself go. What things do you or your significant other do behind closed doors now that you have reached that next stage? Don't let living solo stop you from sharing.  Spill the dirt on an ex or yourself!  Come air your dirty laundry with us on May 29th!

Dog Hair Is An Accessory

Grab a button, put it on your side bar, share it in a post, tweet about it and definitely link up with us on the 29th! It's definitely going to be fun reading about all the crazy that comes out when you really get to know someone!

Talk about whoev. Yourself, boyfriends, roomates, family (I'd even consider pets) and they can be funny, embarrassing, gross or weird things- It's up to you to take it in whatever direction you want! And if you have any questions, please ask away!

Linking up with Stevie and Jane


  1. Ohh sounds super, super fun!!!

  2. this is perfection in a link up.

  3. I will def. keep this new linkup in mind when I write my post for that day!

  4. Wooohooo...hopefully we get some people to link up!!

  5. Ooh, this is so exciting! Behind closed stores.... duh nuh nuh!

    I still love that milk makes you uncomfortable.

  6. Hawkeye audibly farted just before I read this post. She's clearly getting too comfortable. I should write about her...

  7. love this!! I will def try to do it :)

  8. I'm single but do totally weird things so I'm down!