Bridesmaid Planning Pins

This past weekend as you all know, I went to New York with Tom and his parents and we visited with L and J. As you may also know, L and J are getting MARRIED!! In just 2 months!!! (so. fucking. pupmpeddd.) Tom and I are in the wedding party so of course there was some wedding talk while we visited and did other fun NY tings.

I decided to share all the pins that I'm using for getting ready for the wedding!

Also, I'm convinced a man invented pinterest so his girlfriend could find more dinner recipes and then we all started pinning Chanel bags and engagement rings and nursery plans and they were like fuckkkkkk. Whatev suckers.

Now I have all my accessories, hair, make up, and obv, dress planned! I didn't share the dress but it's gorgeous and amazing and as I've mentioned, it has pockets.
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  1. I love dresses with pockets. And those shoes are so cute.

  2. I totally feel the same way about Pinterest! I'm pretty sure my husband created it in secret to help me find easy recipes for dinner (I am not a great cook). LOL!

    Stopping by from Wednesday Walkabout :)

  3. i rocked a hairstyle like the braided one above as a bridesmaid and it turned out awesome! i can email you pics if you wany to see it!

  4. Yesss I love that bag and those shoes! I agree, Pinterest was totally started by a man.

  5. I loveee the first hair-do, the clutch & those shoes!! :)

  6. that will be fun to be part of a wedding party!