The Last 24 Hours

I’m gonna share the story of my past 24 hours with you. Please sit back, relax and maybe refrain from drinking because you will probably laugh at me at some point. Also it’s long. Sorry. A lot of shit went down. Literally. 

I get home around 10:15 from my best friends house and the first thing Tom says to me is “How do you feel about taking her out?” I do not feel good about taking the dog out and even more unhappy about the fact I didn’t get a kiss before requests. I look over at Lil and see she has a GAPING WOUND on her neck. I freak out a  bit  lot but it doesn't seem to be painful. It is UGLY and gross tho and I’m insta-worried. Tom and I talk it over and we decide to call the vet in the morning. He takes her out and I write out my blog post (pins and all) and as I’m adding my link ups, the computer freezes and deletes my whole post. SICK. Time to give up. 

I wake up later than usual, realize that I have no post to put up and basically cry. I write out the post for the most part, take Lil out and get ready and go to work.

I call the vet and make an appointment for that day. I'll have to leave work and then come back and then make up the time but it should only be 2 hours and she's gotta be seen. I leave work and when I get to the apartment things really start going to shit.

I get Lil and we get outside and she pulls me towards the garage but I know she’s gotta pee so I drag her down the street. OF COURSE there is a tiny dachshund puppy in her peeing spot. I’m on the clock so I drag her away and she sprints back to the door to the parking garage. Then she proceeds to unload her bladder. AWESOME. Lil-in-hand I go back into the apartment building to tell the girl who works in the office. She’s on lunch. So I grab a massive wad of paper towels and drag Lil back outside. Because my life is stupid, I need more paper towels so I repeat the process. Great. All clean.

We get to the vet on time. We’re sitting in the waiting room and she’s calm and quiet (She did bark at 2 babies. Not happy about that) and just sitting at my feet. For a half hour. Yup. They lost her goddamn chart. Oh, and our vet is running late. PERFECT. One of the vet techs WHO I HATE starts harassing Lil. He tries to get her to take a treat from him, she takes it. He then puts a treat IN HIS MOUTH and tries to get Lil to take it. Did I mention she has a caution sticker on her file? LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!? GO AWAY. I then tell him “Don’t do that” in my “I’m really telling you to go fuck yourself” voice. Meanwhile Lil is under my legs like “Mom this guy is creepy as shit.” I'm about to punch this guy.

We FINALLY get called into the office and wait another 15 min before the vet comes in. She needs a ear swab from each ear and they need to clip the fur and clean around the wound. WONDERFUL. Bring on the muzzle. A vet tech comes in with the muzzle. GUESS WHICH FUCKING VET TECH? YUP. The one who tried to trick my dog into making out with him. Lil’s like “fuck it mom, I’m over this” CVT (creepy vet tech) is like “We could take her in back, a lot of times they do better- I cut him off and say “Not my dog. She’s staying here and she does better if she can see me. Which is true. (Plus I don’t want to let her out of my sight when this guy is creepin) Lil is an incredibleeee patient! When she’s all done CVT starts talking about how to properly restrain her. I cut him off again and tell him I do things different at home. Dick.

I pay up and we head home but the highway is bumper to bumper. Because why would it be clear? I get off the first exit and spend the next HALF HOUR (which would have been literally a 5 min drive on the highway) dealing with shitty drivers, red lights and someone playing a goddamn trumpet in the street. Not joking.

We pull into the courtyard of the apartment building and run inside. As we’re waiting for the elevator Lil poops. YES, REAL LIFE. She poops! So I tell the girl in the office, and I run outside and go get bags but then Lil has to poop again. So I come back into the building, with one bag filled with poo and the other empty. I clean up the lobby and go upstairs and put Lil in her crate. Then I come down and after 4 HOURS finally head back to work.

I’m about a block away from the office when I get a call. It’s the vet. GUESS WHAT GUYS?! They forgot to give me the FUCKING MEDICATION. Sooooo goooooood. So now I’m back at work and I will be leaving at 7:30pm because I have so much time to make up. UN-FUCKING-REAL.
#rantover. Happy Thursday! And by the way, Lil's "wound" was a hot spot from scratching because of her allergies. So basically NBD.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds like the worst 24 hours ever! And having to make up your hours today at work on top of it? I would just be steaming all day :( Good luck today, I hope it's much better!

  2. I've had those days with my dogs before. Today they are at the groomer enjoying a spa day - their life is SO tough.

  3. Awww more pup. What kind of person puts a treat in their mouth for somebody else's dog to eat?? I wouldn't even do that for my dogs...does he know what dogs put in their mouths? That is weird.

    By the way, you nailed it with your gifs in this post!

    1. I can't respond because you're a no-comment blogger! If you want to change that check out this post

      I was soo mad at the guy. He creeped both of us out!

      And thanks about the gifs haha I had fun looking for them!

  4. Worst day ever! Probably the best part is the goddamn trumpet in the street. Shit like that just pushes me over the edge when it's been a day from hell.

  5. CVT needs to bounce. who tries to make out with a dog! especially one that isn't their own?! effing weird.

  6. DANG GIRL LOOK AT YOU AND ALL YOUR GIFS! haha but seriously, that sucks a lot. poor you guys

  7. Please have a big glass of wine and relax! Man!

  8. Oh man, what a day! Big glass of wine to help unwind

  9. Oh lawd! I would have just said screw the rest of the day and grabbed a gallon sized margarita!

    Poor lil!

  10. Just reading that has me seriously stressed out. I'm going to go home and eat ice cream for you. And Hawkeye will eat some for Lil.

  11. sounds like quite the day! i am sorry it was so ruff!