Name Dropping and Loving People

So I have had so much going on with my life and my blog that I’ve been trying to stay on top of that I’ve been slacking on reading other blogs. That makes me mad/sad/chad. Reading other blogs is what made me want to start writing my own in the first place. Plus I’ve met SO MANY incredible people in the last couple months that I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone!

I clearly can’t name everyone I love in blogland but there are a few girls that I can’t say enough good things about. I want you to meet them if you haven't already!

Prob how every picture will look when we hang out.
Also I'm clearly new at the whole photoshopped blog
friend picture thing. I'll work on it.

Sara from Sara In Texas
Ok you guys know I love her. We're officially texty friends now and I'M PUMPED ABOUT IT. And we're probably gonna be best friends forever. GO VISIT HER! Also we're basically Serena and Blair but I'm not tall and bomshell looking and Sa doesn't live on the Upper East Side. But we're not gonna be assholes to each other ever. So more like Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox. And we're funny like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. K enough obsessing.

Beth from Hang On, Honey
Another Texas love. Beth is such a fun blog friend, I end up LOLing at some point during pertty much all of her posts. She's one of the first bloggers I met and we started our blogs around the same time. I'm pretty sure she already has a pretty huge fan club. She's really real which is a big deal, and I love her for it!

Candice from Just Stay Lovely
Sweetest. Person. In. Blogland. She's ADORABLE and moving to Boston (IN LIKE A MINUTE AND I'M SO EXCITED) I think she was the first blogger I started to really connect with and I'm so glad! She's always supportive and always leaving love. Plus she helped with some basic blog stuff (replying to comments, word verification) that I never would have thought to fix/change/do!

Alyssa from Alyssa Said Hi
After reading her "get to know me" page/post I was like waittt did I post this? We have a lot in common and she's so incredibly nice. She got me hooked on gifs and getting to know more about her has been awesome because she's so fun. Plus she does this thing on Friday's that she calls "confetti" and just talks about the great stuff happening! Let's be honest, who doesn't like confetti!?

On top of those awesome girls, I have 3 more that I'm dying to share with you SO much so that I begged and bribed gave them the opportunity to write a guest post and they all wanted to!!

They'll be here in the next couple weeks.

Kristyn from Chits & Giggles
SO helpful and supportive. And awesome! She's the one that got me over my fear of PicMonkey (now I'm obsessed with it) and is always making me laugh.

Brooke from Babbling Brookelyn
She's fucking hilarious and a little bit of a mess which makes me like her even more. She's my newest girl crush but it's totally a real one. You'll have one too when you read her post.

Sarah is bascially my hero. Just look at her blog, it's awesome. She's a bloggy genius and she's hilarious and pretty and into sports and basically if I were a guy (really, even tho I'm not) I would date her.

PLUS there are some REALLY fun plans I've been making with these girls-

#piclove365 is a project with a monthly link up with Candice, Kate @ Another Clean Slate and Sarah @ Limited Space Organizing (Come play along!)

Behind Closed Doors is a one day link up that Kate, Carly @ The Pinot Project and I came up with that is going down on May 29th I'm gonna get into it more tomorrow but I just hadddd to mention it!

ALSO I have been getting lucky a lot lately!

Gross. Stop that.

I'm talking giveaways!

I won a cell phone case from Casey @ Stress Case, a camera lens cap holder from Staci @ Crafty Staci, and a iTunes gift card from Angela @ Adventures to Remember and Carly @ Lipgloss and Crayons

Winning the jackpot. Get it?
Also look familiar Sarah? haha
I’ve also won a bunch of ad space from these incredible blogs:

I found I love sponsoring, it’s an opportunity to get yourself out there but it’s also an incredible opportunity to meet and get to know more great bloggers!!

Talk about giveaways have you entered this one?

LASTLY two of Tom's best friends have blogs. Granted, they aren't lifstyle blogs but they're worth stopping by!

Mark's blog M. Diamond Photography is about his love of beer and new love of photography so if you like either, or have a man friend who does, check it out. He knows his shit about beer and is learning and sharing as he goes with photography

Carter's blog ovrld is about music (which everyone loves because you all participate in #backthatazzup fridays) but more specifially music in the Austin TX area! They share artists and albums and songs that you may not have heard but are worth hearing! They know the whole music scene reallllly well!

Ok I hope you all go visit everyone and find new friends!

Now go link up with Tori, Melissa, and Lisette!


  1. Stopppppp I'm like crying --- thanks for the love friend :) I am the sweetest? No you are!!! :) :) AHHHHHH I can't enough of how much I love blogland... It's definitely the best out of all the lands! So happy blogging brough us together so we can obsess over New England and wine

  2. my life is always a struggle street, glad you enjoy :) !!!!!

  3. Holy cow! Busy, busy girl!!! Yay for our scheming!

  4. Girl, you're such a doll! Thanks so much for your sweet words :) I think you're the greatest!

  5. What a sweet post! And now I'm probably about to go find all my new blog obsessions.

  6. This is such a cute idea!!! You are so lucky at winning:)

  7. I love it all, obviously! We are like all great female duos in history--scheming, hilarious, gorgeous, and outright ridiculous at times. Cut from the same cloth, the same damn cloth, girl.

  8. I am very happy to have you on my sidebar any time lady! Winner winner chicken dinner!

  9. Awww thanks friend. I love alllll the love going on in this post!!! Now time to explore so of these other blogs! Don't mind if I do..

  10. This entire post is so spazzy and hilarious and this is EXACTLY WHY I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON.