Fitness Motivators

Best motivators for working out in no particular order:

·  Vacation/trip
·  Beach season in general
·  Your wedding
·  Someone elses wedding
·  Bachelorette party
·  Birthday party
·  Gym membership is on sale
·  Seeing your ex
·  Seeing your significant other’s ex
·  You’re favorite clothing item is too tight
·  Summer time is too hot for spanx
·  You feel you may need a triple bypass soon
·  The Chinese food place across the street knows you by the sound of your voice/order
·  Your dog is over active and needs exercise
·  Your best friend just lost weight by doing nothing because she sucks
·  You have bloggy friends that are SUPER supportive of this kind of stuff
·  You need your legs in skirt and heels shape

I fit almosttt all of those. So I’ve upped my running from 3 miles one day a week to a couple miles a day. Plus I should do sit ups or something.

I would join a gym but I already belong to one. Next to my parent’s house. It’s not far but far enough to be inconvenient. And I need this to be as easy on me as possible. I’ve belonged to that gym for probably 3 years. I went for about 6 months. Yea I’m still paying for it. Why? Because I’m an idiot/lazy piece of shit and can’t get my ass to the post office to send a certified letter of cancellation. Anyway that’s kind of dick of them to make me do anyway.

So today’s pins are ones I want to try out/use to get my butt into much better shape




So we'll see how this goes! I'm also definitely gonna be more aware of what I'm putting IN my body. Aka drinking a ton of water and not eating shit all the time. And also maybe try not to eat as much as a professional line backer would.

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  1. I understand needing to get your butt in gear. I have a ton if work out pins to help me.

  2. Pretty sure the gym requires a certified letter because they know NO ONE is going to actually do it, so you keep sending them your money and never go. It is a total effing scam.

  3. I've pinned pretty much all the same pins! Good luck! It's fun to switch up the routine

  4. haha I am the same way with my gym membership! why do we do that???

  5. I love the first pin! I'm so trying to get in shape just for the summer. Beach? Yes please!

  6. I totally fit almost all of those. Need to get my butt in gear. Yes summer is around the corner but I also have a wedding to attend in Jamaica (It's almost a year away but still gota get my butt in gear)

  7. You have to send a certified letter to cancel your membership?! That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!!

  8. I had a membership at my old gym for 2 years & I only went for the first 6 months too. The whole certified letter to cancel thing is bullshit. It was SO ANNOYING & I was too lazy to get my butt to the post office too so don't feel too bad ;)

  9. good luck mah lady! i got in a bathing suit this week. daaumn, i could use a tan and some lunges.