Yikes. I'm A Mess. But There's A Giveaway!

So I was all excited about my post today because I just finished a SPD! It's a really cute project and mine came out pretty great! Here's the issue. It's Wednesday.. the link up is on Thursday. Clearly I'm a little over excited.

Also I have about 4587 half written posts that if I had realized all this earlier I could have finished. BUT it's exactly 12:01 am and I'm over it. 

I know Meighan is doing a "That one time.." link up but I'm useless and can not think of one story worth telling. I mean I'm "that girl" often enough but I'm drawing a blank.

ALSO with this font "g" looks like that when it's regs but when it's italic, it changes to "g"

Ok yea I just thought about it for 5 minutes straight and I can't think of anything. If Tom was awake I'm sure he would have been helpful.

DON'T WORRY THO!!! I'm cohosting a giveaway and you should totally participate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Dog Hair Is An Accessory

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Dog Hair Is An Accessory
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