Memorial Day Shenans

Hope you guys all linked up with us yesterday! It's still going so you have time! Since yesterday was the link up I'm updating you on my weekend a bit late. I'm also guest posting on for Charissa from The Smashbook! Check me outttttt

My weekend was super fun and since it was Tom and my 2 year anniversary on Monday and we took Tuesday off so it was a very extended weekend. And here it is-mostly thru pictures. 

Friday we drove down to the cottage after work. I was basically jumping out of my seat the whole car ride. I love it down there! We of course stopped at the liquor store and found adult juice boxes which were very necessary. 

Then we continued to the cottage. It was quite a chilly day but we had to take a walk down to the beach.

This is what the beach looks like. After Hurricane Sandy hit there was a lot of sand deposited in the boat basin. Now they're removing it and drying out so they can get it off the beach completely. It's called shit kicking dredging. It will be that way for L's bachelorette party down at the cottage next weekend but after a bottle glass or 2 of vodka wine we probably won't worry too much about "rules." 

Saturday Tom headed out early to go to J's bachelor party which consisted of paintball, BBQ, casino and booze. Tom's mom, L and I went shopping. Duh. 
It was national wine day so I clearly bought wine glasses. Two at Pier 1, and one at HomeGoods. They were all under $5 each! And I got a great new maxi dress that I'm pumped about. (Is everyone else as obsessed with maxi dresses as I am?) Also, I found a $3 pair of sunnies that matched my nail polish. (Essie- play date)
It was freezing that night and Tom was bro-ing out at the casino so I bundled up a LOT and sent him a picture of me under the covers and he sent me a picture of him drinking. 

Adorable right?
Sunday Tom and his two cousins came back to the cottage after the festivities a little worse for the wear but in one piece. 

It was also Tom's cousin's 1 year wedding anniversary. They got married close to the town the cottage was in so they came back to the scene of the wedding to celebrate. That means we got to help them celebrate! They and a few other members of the fam came down and spent some time at the cottage. That was awesome. 
On their wedding day. 
When they went off to do anniversary things. Tom's mom, L and I went grocery shopping and clearly had to stop for ice cream on the way home. 
Cookies and cream with brownie bites YO

Then we had an incredible happy hour with about 30lbs of homemade guac and lots of wine.
See my wine glass? GAH. Love it.
Monday was our actual anniversary but we hung out with fam for the day. We went for a few walks around the neighborhood and then went to a delicious din with Tom's parents. We looked cute. 

Tuesday Tom's parents left for home and we spent the day wine-ing an being in love. 

Also I'm drunk now and writing the rest of this post via the Blogger app so just bear the fuck with me. Also. Tom just asked how drunk I was so that means I'm prob hammered. 

ANYWAY. We went to Stonington Vineyard first. The woman there was creepy as shit and had a shirt the same color as the shirt I had on and I didn't like it. 

After that we went to Chamard Vineyard. 
That was WODERFUL.

Then I was drunk. 

Then we decided to have some of the cheese ball that Tom's mom sent home with us. It was a disaster.
It's fine. Then we went to Gouviea Vineyard which is where Tom first told me he loved me (AWOMGADORABLE!SOCUTERIGHT?) and I harassed the person working there with 872820 questions. Then I got more drunk. 
Wine. Wine. Pallet Cleanser.
And now were back to real time and we're on our way back home to pick up Lil from the kennel and we're blaring the Wrecking Ball album by Bruce Springsteen. If you don't know it I hate you. Ok no but you have to listen to it. It's incredible. Also since his nickname is The Boss you have no choice. 

Now we have Lil. About a million dollars and a happy seizure later. 

We then got take out Thai from our fav place (people in the Hartford area- it's Hot Basil on New Park in West Hartford. YOU HAVE TO GO) and watched The Dictator while Lil was passed out on our bed.

It was a really fun weekend, and a great way to spend an anniversary! Get ready for tomorrow when Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars guest posts while I'm off helping the dear ERW: MOH Extrodinare host L's bachelorette bash!!

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  1. I love all of your Memorial Day shananie's & especially bc you wrote half of it wine faced.. We're also wearing the same color polish. Great minds ;)

  2. Hahah an awesome post. Slash I love Essie play date!!!

  3. Adult juice boxes + a cottage sound perfect! To answer your question, yes! I am obsessed with maxis too!! I bought a cute one this weekend too :) & y'alls picture messages look a hell of a lot like the ones Darren & I send to each other! haha.. love it!!

  4. Stopping by from the blog hop! Looks like a fun weekend. I didn't realize New England had so many wineries.

  5. Your weekend looks so fun. And I can't find those damn Bota boxes ANYWHERE. I wonder if we have some weird rule about them in Michigan.

  6. I love all of it!! The nail polish (well I have it too, so duh.), the new maxi, the adorbs texts, let's just combine families and it will be perfect. Finally, that bowl of guac is legit the LARGEST BOWL OF GUAC EVER. Jealy for sure. LOVE you more after this as if it's possible. <3

  7. wow looks like a fun and busy weekend. i need to find these wine juiceboxes!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- jewelry giveaway

  8. god, i love ice cream. get in my mouth!

  9. passport to wineries? sign me UP! looks like a nice weekend!

  10. hahaha your text exchange cracks me up. you've also just made it certain that i will drink more wine tonight and will be heading to wine country again asap!

  11. your brain must be freaking amazing if you typed this (amazing) post drunk. I have respect for you in numbers Aladin couldn't ever imagine.

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    - Heather :)