GFC, Bloglovin and Google Reader Walk Into A Bar...

Google Reader is gone. Whitney did a post about her bloglovin conspiricy theory. Helene did a post about how she still supports GFC. There are about about a bajillion posts from people saying "ZOMG f0ll0w m3 0n b10g10vin!" And I want to put in my 2 cents. Because this is blogland and what's the point of a personal blog if I can't weigh in on every topic I want.

Before I was became a blogger, I was an avid blog reader. Fashion blogs mostly and then I found AP. I'm not sure how I found her, but she is the super mom behind I Love You More Than Carrots. And I loved the idea of doing something like that (except mostly about my dog not babies). The things is, before AP inadvertanly convinced me to have my own lifestyle blog, I needed a way to keep up with my daily reads. At first I joined their GFC clubs, but I didn't have a Blogger account so that didn't do anything. Then I discovered Bloglovin. SO GREAT I could organize and keep up with the blogs I wanted to read regularly!

Then I started blogging and found out how important one's GFC number was. At that point I was already using bloglovin but it seems most people were using Google Reader. Then the dreaded news that google reader was going away. It didn't matter to me really but people we're appalled/ devestated. The thing is GFC stayed.

So, I have been using GFC as a gauge on readers/followers/supporters I have and everytime I find a new blog I like I follow them there! If I want to read them everyday I follow on bloglovin too but GFC, in my mind, is a way to show your support for other bloggers. Helene said similar things in her post. It's almost like a "why not?" it takes 3 seconds and it's gonna make that blogger smile when they see their number go up! Sarah mentioned in a tweet that she follows blogs on her blogger dashboard and not bloglovin, which is awesome too!

So when you go thru your daily reads, and when you find a new blog, join them on their GFC widget, it makes everyone happy and it's a great way to say "hey, I like the shit you say"

To newer bloggers: If you don't already have this widget, google is a bitch and made it more annoying to find so here is a quick tutorial!

Go to Layout in your blogger dashboard and click add a gadget where your sidebar is

When the new window pops up, click "More Gadgets" and then search for "Google Friend Connect"

Click on the "Members" gadget. It should be the first one that comes up

Set the height to whatever you like. You can either change, keep or completely delete the title. Click save and then rearrange the gadget to wherever you'd like by dragging it up or down in Layout

And now I want you to meet someone awesome, Stephanie from Drink On It has an adorable pup (see below) and is definitely the fun chick at the party. She's funny and silly and you're gonna love her!

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in November 2012. I had previously blogged but deleted it for whatever reason. I wanted to start again and I'm so glad I did. I just love the blogging community.
2. What's your favorite post you've written and why?
My post about my breakup is one of my favorites...mainly because it's hilarious. And everyone seemed to love it.
3. What's been your favorite part of the summer so far?
My favorite part of summer has been spending a ton of pool time with my family. And of course all the booze we drink while swimming!


  1. Hey girl! I totally agree. I have been seeing a major decrease in my GFC followers and a huge rise in my Bloglovin and Twitter followers. Even though GFC is visually appealing and says a lot about your follower base, I don't think people are into following on GFC anymore. I think Bloglovin is easier. I like it better and I also LOVE having the Bloglovin App on my phone. But with that said, I still like SEEING gfc on blogs. I wish we could put a bloglovin box on teh side with faces in it, instead of GFC...maybe in the future :)


  2. Love this! I have more followers on bloglovin than GFC, and I can't lie - I totally wish it was reversed! Anytime I see I blog I like, I'll join via GFC. So simple & easy! Plus, I check out my dashboard every day, but not always bloglovin.

  3. I use GFC & my Blogger dashboard to read my daily jams--I only follow blogs on bloglovin for giveaways. Shhhhh

  4. i find it hard to follow on bloglovin! GFC is so darn easy and then i see the new stories every time i look at blogger. love.

  5. I think I use my blogger dashboard more than bloglovin'.
    Glad I'm on your blog today! Woohoo!

  6. I was wondering about this!! Thanks for posting about it :) I'll definitely use GFC every time too

  7. I feel like I am so behind for not having GFC... like how will I ever get followers now- I'll look so unpopular :(

  8. yes and yes. love this post girl. i use bloglovin but i still like my gfc. and i fo like the shit you say.

  9. ohhh pretty graphics! also i am now following you on bloglovin' annnnd gfc so there's that.

  10. GFC won't even let me sign up cause I'm not in the US currently. I understand the importance of GFC followers, but I was so late on the bandwagon, and I love being able to read everything in Bloglovin! Guess I have to wait until I head back to the US in a month to join GFC :(

  11. I'm not on the GFC bandwagon yet. Bloglovin all the way, because having 4 followers on GFC makes me look like a loser!

  12. I didn't even know HOW to add GFC on my blog. THANK YOU FOR THIS TUTORIAL!!

  13. gaaaasp! google, those bastards! when I was first making my blog and putting everything together, I had to go thru 297582358 websites to get information to add GFC and the end result was always an error and then found out they were "shutting down". but they've it has still been there all this time. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I've now just added it, finally! :)

  14. I have a Wordpress blog...does that mean GFC is basically useless to me?

  15. you're the best!!! you always help me learn new things about blogging :) i'm following you on GFC now! xo